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  • TitanCMD

    Overwatch Fun at ADK for May 2020


    About the Clips

    Another fun and crazy and scary month of Overwatch! With everything that is going on in the world, a lot of us stay in and play Overwatch. We've been having some good numbers with last week having almost enough for two teams, good stuff. I stayed on tank, for the most part, this month with playing a little support. I got the first two spots in the clips with some tanking, and a new game mode we found where you have a Rein charge as Thomas the Tank. It wasn't action-packed but super funny. Billy and Nick get the next two spots while playing their best characters. @nickphan can play nearly any tank and support and Billy can constantly get clutch with Reaper. Then they end up dueling each other in a 1v1 with Nick winning. Purple weed gets in next and shows us why he's one of our best DPS players. Funky is next while we are playing a Mercy only game mode with melee only called Mercy Boxing Plus.

    - Titan

    In the World of Overwatch


    Overwatch League just finished its May Melee tournament with some great results. For the North America Division, San Francisco successfully established their dominance with the first seed and finally became the champion of the tournament after beating Florida Mayhem 4 to 2. However, the success of Florida Mayhem should not be ignored because they were considered an average or below average franchise so far. The Mayhem took the second seed and later made it to the final. For the Asia Division, the Shanghai Dragons arguably made the greatest come back ever in the Overwatch League history after the 4-3 victory against the Seoul Dynasty, after being down 0-3. At the other half of the game, they decided to run dive composition as much as possible, even in maps like King’s Row and Junkertown, where the double shield or the brawl composition has a greater advantage. Seoul Dynasty also deserved some compliments since they started with the last seed coming into the playoffs, and they made it to the final and almost beat the Dragons, which is considered the strongest team in this region. The Dynasty really shows that they are still a championship contender even with the poor record in the regular season. Finally, the Overwatch League decided to let players take a break and they will be back on June 13th.

    "Shanghai Dragons arguably made the greatest come back ever in the Overwatch League history after the 4-3 victory against the Seoul Dynasty, after being down 0-3"


    Overwatch this month had some hero changes as an effort to balance many heroes. Mercy received a flat healing buff to her primary healing, Zenyatta’s Discord Orb amplifies damage by 5 more percent, meanwhile, Moira’s biotic orb and Ana primary healing were nerfed. Bastion and Junkrat both receive some nice buffs because of their lower pick rates. 
    The Overwatch Anniversary events is back with new skins and brings back content and items from past events. All events skins are available so do not miss the chance to buy the ones that you would love to have.

    - Nick Phan


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