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  • bob31000

    Overwatch BIG Update

    Overwatch has just had a huge update, and oh boi did papa Jeff bless us this time.
    NEW MAP!!!!!
    While Liz goes into detail on the map in her article (linked at the bottom) just know it is a new assault map that is really fun to mess around with.

    Custom game settings:
    Gravity is now a thing. We can now change the player and projectile gravity.
    we can now change the jump height of characters (Hello Halo reach)
    Knock back magnitude can now be modified on any weapon that can knock things back(DA BOOOPS)

    Hero buffs and euthanization:
    Deadeye targets now begin locking in after .2 seconds instead of .8
    Damage accumulated over 1 second increased to 80 from 20 in Deadeye.

    Removed health orbs
    now regens 20% of damage done to heroes as health.

    Head hitbox reduced by 20%
    Scrap gun damage reduced by 33%
    Scrap gun fire rate went up by 30%
    Clip size went up from 4->5

    Oh boi this stuff is awesome.

    There have been several changes to the Career profile tab.
    Now opens directly to your current comp season(I like that)
    A new section highlighting every single one of the games you have played called "All modes" is now available.(I was so hyped when they announced this)
    A new section called "All competitive seasons" is now available that is kinda self explanatory.
    Damage done statistic changed to hero damage done.
    A new statistic called "Barrier Damage Done" is now available.

    Other random UI things:
    When highlighting a player in a group there is a summary of the most played hero of that person.
    Rate this match is now removed.(Did anyone use this?)

    Not listed in the change notes:
    2 new game modes have been carried over from the PTR, the low gravity and horizon. These are just to get a feel of the new map and new mechanic in the game.
    THERE IS A NEW TYPE OF LOOTBOX- if you have a twitch prime subscription go check the rewards page, as you will get a new "Golden" lootbox that guarantees a legendary. and in time will get more lootboxes with other rewards.

    EDIT: Go up to the telescope on the new map and hold R :D


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    User Feedback

    I'm so excited to test out the new custom gamemode settings. This patch has a lot of great stuff to offer, especially the Roadhog changes. ;) I'll still press F for you though Nick. 

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    Nooooo! That Roadhog clip size / Fire Rate increase is going to wreck my Roadhog taunting as Tracer! They need to give Tracer 5 blinks, and then we'll be square.

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    cuuul. Dis is pretty neat. This way i dont have to google for the patch notes updates lel. PS: ty for the easter egg xd

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