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  • bob31000

    Earn Overwatch Skins With HOTS Nexus Challenge 2!


    Heroes Of The Storm Nexus Challenge 2.0!
    Blizzard is doing a second cross over event between Heroes of the storm and Overwatch, letting you earn some sick prizes and loot chests in both games!
    The event is separated into weeks, each with their own rewards and requirements:

    Week 1


    Play 5 games with a friend on HOTS


    The Orochi Hovercycle Mount

    Oni Genji Warbanner

    Oni Spray
    Oni Genji Portrait.


    Oni Genji Skin

    Oni Genji Player Icon

    Oni Genji Spray

    Week 2


    Complete quest one, and play 5 games with a friend on HOTS!


    Busan Police Hovercylce Mount


    Officer Dva Skin

    Week 3


    Complete quest 2 and play 5 more games with a friend on HOTS!


    Overwatch Hexigon mount

    Officer Dva Banner

    Badge Spray

    Officer Dva Portrait


    Officer Dva Spray

    Officer Dva Icon

    week 4


    Play another 5 games with a friend on HOTS!


    10 loot chests!!!

    Links to the video and webpage on the event:




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    User Feedback

    Just to clarify - during the last Nexus Challenge, you could complete this just with Versus AI, but now with this one that only applies to the first quest/week.

    The rest have to be done via Quick Match, Ranked or Unranked (it specifies this in the BNet link posted near the bottom of the Main Post)

    Edited by FireHazard772

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    Final week/quest of the Nexus Challenge starts tomorrow! (with tomorrows quest reward being the 10 loot boxes/chests, assuming you've done the previous quests)

    Reminder that it ends on May 22nd (next Monday)

    Edited by FireHazard772

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