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  • TitanCMD

    ADK Member Watch: Funky the Party Monster

    ADK Member Watch: Funky the Party Monster

    IGNs: Cardinal Funky and DJFunky

    Game: Overwatch

    ADK Role: Overwatch admin

    Overwatch roles: Can play all roles


    Funky has been a member of ADK since October of 2018. He wasn’t a member long as he was asked to be an admin of Overwatch and he accepted. Since then he has been at nearly every Friday night event we have held. We can count on him being able to run it on his own if need be as he brings a great personality to the Overwatch section.

    Funky has played every single competitive season of Overwatch with his highest rank being Master. He ranked that high playing tank, but he can really play any role. When we play, he most often plays DPS and Support. I took a moment to ask Funky some questions, and these are his responses:

    What brought you to ADK?

    During the time I had met you guys, I was playing Overwatch competitive matches solo, daily. After a while of doing so, the game quickly became stale. So, in order to fix that I started finding groups to play with in the group-finder, found you guys, and decided to keep playing with you guys ever since.

    What part of the ADK community brings you the most joy?

    The laughter, sadness, joy, and everything surrounding us coming together to complete an objective, while also having fun. I am simply happy to be around others who love to play Overwatch. 

    What game could you play for the rest of your life?

    Tetris is simple and nothing but pure enjoyment, for me. I don't take the game too seriously and even when it frustrates me I don't feel any actual sadness from losing.
    I wouldn't be able to play most of the games I play now in the future. They are too competitive and challenging. If it’s going to be a game I would spend the rest of my life with, it would have to be simple.

    When you're not playing games, what do you do?

    I write, read, and learn more about my profession as a programmer. 
    I also roller-blade. But, outside of gaming, I live a rather simple life.

    Why should people join us Friday nights to play Overwatch?

    As a competitive shooter, Overwatch can cause burnout on anyone. Hell, there was a time where I didn't want to join the group on certain Friday's because Overwatch felt like a chore. 
    However, when you are surrounded by a bunch of peers that try to win, but still smile after a loss, it makes up for the game feeling like a chore. Most games should be fun to play and being around the peeps in =ADK= make that happen.

    Join us Friday nights 6 PM PST/8 PM CST/9 PM EST for a few hours of overwatch. Check out our forums and become a member and then we can get you on our Discord. Or just ask a staff member how to join us Fridays.


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