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    Jurassic World Alive Brings You Augmented Reality Dinosaurs

    We all know that people love Pokemon GO, but there's a lot of people out there who aren't overall fans of Pokemon and stopped playing after the fad wore off for them. Well you'll probably start seeing droves of people around parks again this time, screaming "There's a T-Rex Over here!"  Okay, well I'm not sure if that'll actually happen but I saw a similar situation with Pokemon GO at a park one night where people were going crazy over a Charmander. 

    Overall from the screenshots that are shown, their trailer and some comments from Chris Heatherly, Universal's Executive Vice President of Games it will be similar to Pokemon GO. But there will be one big difference that I feel will cause Jurassic World Alive to be above their competition; you can play from home and still feel like you're getting something out of the game. 

    You'll be able to deploy in-game drones to collect nearby dinosaur's DNA which will allow you to unlock the creature or even build your own hybrid creature. (We know how that turned out in Jurassic World right?) 

    At launch there will be a little over 100 dinosaurs, but according to Universal the game will be upgraded regularly with more creatures from the movie as well as those special hybrid animals that you'll be able to create. 

    Jurassic World Alive In Game Screenshots  Jurassic World Alive In Game Screenshot T-Rex




    Let us know what you think about the game so far, and make sure you pre register to get an In-Game Reward at Launch! (An Incubator). 


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    User Feedback

    10 hours ago, MavRoc said:

    And here I thought the days of watching people walking in to lamp posts were over,lol :doh:

    Nope, it's going to continue happening.  And then when the Harry Potter game comes out there will be even more people out walking as well.  I love people watching and these sort of games are perfect for that. 

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