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    What's New in the First Minecraft 1.13 Aquatic Snapshot Update?

    Check out all the latest additions to the first Update Aquatic Snapshot in this guide to Minecraft 1.13

    After many months of development, Mojang finally released the very first update aquatic snapshot for Minecraft 1.13, Which includes new mobs, blocksm and items that we've all been waiting for so long.

    It's still not a full release, so certain changes may still be implemented. However, you can already get the first taste of the new things in the Minecraft Aquatic Update and try them out with your own hands. If you wnat to know more details about all the additions of the latest 18w07a snapshot, then follow this quick guide below.


    New Mobs: Turtle and Phantom


    You can find these adorable little mobs on the warm beaches in Minecraft. Usually, they spawn in small groups  and drop sea grass, a new type of block, if you decide to kill these harmless creatures.

    You can breed turtles by feeding them grass, which will result in them laying eggs. These eggs will hatch and spawn baby turtles. The process may take from 4-6 minutes, and you will end up with a cute Minecraft turtle.


    Another new mob in Minecraft 1.13 is Phantom. This time its a hostile mob that attacks players who haven't slept in a while ( 5 ingame nights to be exact ). This flying mob was voted by players at the last Minecon to be included in the next update.

    If you manage to kill a Phantom, it will drop leather, which can be used to craft all sorts of gear. However, killing such a mob is not that easy due to its speed of movement. Currently, it's the fastest-moving mob in the game, covering 31.25 blocks per second.


    New Weapon: Trident


    Trident is a heck of a weapon, probably the best one yet in Minecraft. It can be used both melee and ranged combat due to it's throwing ability. If you want to throw it, you'll need to press the right mouse button. 

    This new weapon can be enchanted with the following enchants:

    • Unbreaking
    • Mending
    • Loyalty
    • Impaling
    • Riptide
    • Channeling

    The best on is loyalty, which makes Trident immediately return to you after you throw it at an enemy. This is a particularly useful ability under the water, where it is so easy to lose a throwable weapon -- but not if you have Loyalty, which brings it back to you right away.


    New Headwear: Turtle Shell Helmet


    Baby turtles are a great source of scutes -- items which can be used to craft turtle shells. They drop one scute when they grow into adults, so keep an eye out for them.

    You will need 5 scutes to be able to craft a turtle shell, which can be used as a protective headwear -- and quite a strong one. But the best part about it is that it has a temporary water breathing effect.

    This means that while wearing the turtle shell in your helmet slot while out in water or in a bubble column, you will get water breathing for 10 seconds, which basically gives you extra time to breathe underwater.


    New Ability: Stripped Logs


    Now you can also strip wood logs of their bark by pressing the right mouse button with an equipped axe. It will take one durability to remove one block of bark, but the effect is simply gorgeous.

    Stripped wooden blocks can be used for building nice-looking fences and such.


    New Blocks: Prismarine Stairs and Slabs


    If you like the prismarine blocks, you can now craft stairs, which look great. The crafting process for this new type of stairs is the same as before. It will take you 6 blocks of prismarine block to craft one row of stairs.

    Prismarine blocks can be crafted by killing underwater mobs and obtaining prismarine shards. One block equals nine shards, and if you want to give it a darker hue then attack a squid and dye the the blocks.


    This is everything you will find in the snapshot..  I will post another article in a few days about the new water mechanics!

    Thanks for taking time to read this! I found it very useful when I typed it up.. Im gonna try the new snapshot this evening!


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