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  • Jaden

    FTB Continuum and FTBOne Update

    The Feed-The-Beast team has come out with their February News post.


    Feed the Beast

    Modpack News

    We're making progress on Continuum and hoping to have an alpha on FTB One this month.

    Launcher News

    Curse is migrating their servers and web sites from one place to another and since most of our infrastructure is hosted by them, it's having a bit of an impact on us as well. The forum was down for a few hours on Friday while it moved and the system that supports the legacy launcher is being changed over soon. We had to make some changes to the launcher to support the new servers and the previous version, 1.4.15, won't work once the changeover happens. So if you're still using the legacy launcher, be sure to open it in the next few days so it updates. If you miss the move, you can just redownload the launcher from website front page.

    Minefaire Los Angeles

    FTB will be at Minefaire Los Angeles April 14th and 15th. We'll be running a tournament with a custom built modded challenge map.

    There isn't very much info about the much anticipated FTB Continuum, so I did a little prodding to see if I could get some more information out of them.


    What kind of progress is being made with Continuum? Can we have some details of what is done vs. what is still needs to be done?

    And I actually got a response from tfox83, himself!


    Feed the Beast

    The pack has been ripped apart and its slowly being put back together, similar how Infinity Evolved, expert mode was developed. With the changes in 1.12 Minecraft, the process for doing this takes a bit more time as the client has to be restarted after major changes and also we are focusing on more than just recipe changes. We hope to have a 'playable' alpha build in the upcoming weeks to get to the beta testers and FTBone server players. Once the pack has been tested and played through we will gear up for a public release, which at this time we are hoping March-ish but cannot guarantee due to the complexity of the pack. -tfox83

    Now we have a response to the question that everyone has been asking: When will FTB Continuum be released? "We are hoping March-ish..." Okay, so it isn't the most solid of release dates, but at least we have a more specific general idea. I will try and keep you updated on the FTB Continuum project as I get more information.

    In the mean time, the ADK Minecraft servers are up and just waiting for you to play. The worlds have plenty of available room for you to build to your hearts content. We hope to see you server side!

    -JadenDevon, Minecraft Manager/Developer


    Source: https://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/february-news.270731/

    User Feedback

    they still havnt come out with thaumcraft for beyond....still waiting...its only my most favorite mod and the best one...i find it hard to do certain things in beyond without it. still miss it maybe this pack will have it.

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    On 2/8/2018 at 8:32 PM, pinkdood said:

    they still havnt come out with thaumcraft for beyond....still waiting...its only my most favorite mod and the best one...i find it hard to do certain things in beyond without it. still miss it maybe this pack will have it.

    Thaumcraft is not going to be added to beyond. There was not a 1.10 thaumcraft done in time for it to be in the pack. Also, he only currently has betas for 1.10.2. It is sad that we won't see it in beyond, but hopefully he will get one done for a 1.12 mod or something.

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    • Date & Time: friday, Feb 23rd, 7-9pm EST

      Two Time Zone converters to use to help make sure there is no confusion, if you need help using these please feel free to PM or find me on Discord.



      free online Poker!!!


      I will send an invite link when the event starts. But that is the link please try to at least make the account. Please be aware that once this event starts the tables can not be added to, you will ahve to wait till the game is over, Please be on time if you want to play.

      If you have any comments or questions please feel free to PM or find me on discord.
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    • What a great way to help start a new section with a free to play weekend! If you were thinking about getting the game or just want to try it come join us down in the siege channels. Also with this free to play weekend the game is also on sale so be sure to go ahead and check that out.

      The weekend will last from Feb. 15th to the 18th
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    • That's right! Overwatch is Free To Play this weekend. It begins 2/16/18 at 11:00 AM PT and ends 2/19/18 at 11:59 PM PT, so if you don't own Overwatch here's your chance to come have some fun with our Overwatch section! 

      What's even better is we've got our Overwatch In Houses this Friday as well! You might not typically participate in the poll if you don't own Overwatch, but now's your chance! 

      We look forward to seeing some new faces this Friday during the Overwatch Free Weekend!
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    • On Tuesday, Studio Wildcard came out and talked about an exploit that has existed since August of 2015. . yes that's right. . 2015.  So they did give a stern warning to those who were found using said exploit but they actually just proved why Community Hosted ARK Servers like ours here at ADK are far superior to Official Servers.
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