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  • Gary23

    Vanguard Teaser


              As 2017 continues, we seem to be continually blessed with new champions, the latest being purpose built adc/sup combo, Rakan and Xayah. 
    Well not too long after, we are now getting teasers of yet again another new champion. No names have been released as of this post, however! 
    the champions main purpose will be that of a Vanguard. To quote Riot on their definition of a vanguard 
    ("One of the key traits of a Vanguard is that they can
    choose when and where to start a fight. With that in mind, we wanted to make a new playmaking Vanguard that charged headfirst into tough situations and made the
    enemy team fight on their terms. We also really wanted to make a very self-reliant champion; expect to see a unique new passive that helps them build more than just
    character Look out for the newest Vanguard, who’ll be heating up one of the coldest regions in Runeterra.

    From this quote we get a few key details as to what kind of champ this new vanguard will be. 

    1. "Vanguard that charged headfirst into tough situations and made the enemy team fight on their terms. We also really wanted to make a very self-reliant champion"
                 She/He could most likely either be A. a tank or B. A high damage sustain champ

    2. "Look out for the newest Vanguard, who’ll be heating up one of the coldest regions in Runeterra."
                She/He will either reside or be from the frozen north where other champs such as Ashe, VoliBear and Olaf.


              The article goes on to describe other champions such as a complete rework for Evelynn. I will not write up an entire paragraph on a champion i don't care playing as it will come off stale. 
    so i will simply quote Riot's brief overview of it.

    "With Evelynn slowly stalking her way to release, we can start to talk a bit more about how she’s shaping up. We want to play up Evelynn’s “PermaStealth” identity by giving her some new tools to use from stealth. This should further emphasize her unique gameplay and also reward Evelynn players for mastering her shadow form. Evelynn’s stealth is essential to her identity, so we will also be adding unique visuals for her stealth form to make it look as special as it is meant to be.

    We’re also going through and updating her narrative and place in Runeterra. In fact, one of our current champions already had a run-in with Evelynn after her parents embraced the lashes of agony. I’ll let you guys comb through the lore to figure out who’s life was sent down a much darker path thanks to Evelynn’s sadistic proclivities.

    It’ll still be awhile before the updated Evelynn’s eviscerating her enemies on spikes of hatred, but expect to see her (or, more realistically, not see her) sometime after the new Vanguard mentioned above."


              Some time after Evelynn's rework. another beloved/hated champion will get a complete rework as well and possibly new lore. 
    As the 
    LEADER OF THE NOXUS Swain will get a complete redesign to better match his lore. to go along with his new threads,

    swain will also be getting an entire re structure of his kit because of the unkillable/high damage tank he is currently. 

              "His gameplay has also been a design problem for a while. If Swain gets behind, he doesn’t really make an impact on the game. If he gets ahead, he becomes a unkillable tank that can also output massive amounts of damage. Swain also has a lot of his power pushed into abilities and effects that enemies can’t really do anything about. Looking at him as a whole, we feel there’s a great opportunity to revisit Swain and truly deliver a champion worthy of leading one of the most ruthless and iconic nations of Runeterra. We’ll be updating his visuals to better match his theme as the leader of Noxus, as well as doing a major overhaul on his gameplay. We want to keep the “essence” of Swain intact, even though we will be completely rebuilding his entire kit from scratch."




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