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  • Seagull

    New Champion Reveal, Kai'Sa!


    Daughter of the void

    From what I've seen so far, she might be played as an ADC, we will find out!



    Her abilities: 

    icon-p.jpg.a61072438962ca7af771d80b9a13163a.jpg Passive - Second Skin: Caustic Wounds:
    Kai’Sa’s basic attacks mark enemies with Plasma, dealing increasing bonus magic damage. After a few successive attacks, the Plasma ruptures for a burst of damage based on the target’s missing health.
    Nearby allies’ immobilizing effects add stacks of Plasma.

    Living Weapon:
    Kai’Sa’s symbiote-suit adapts to her chosen attack style, evolving her abilities based on permanent stats gained from shop items and experience level.

    icon-q.jpg.c305ae1d061de0f53e8a1585448b0ddf.jpg Q - Icathian Rain: Kai’Sa releases a swarm of missiles evenly distributed among nearby enemies, with additional hits on the same target dealing slightly reduced damage.

    Living Weapon:
    With enough bonus Attack Damage, Icathian Rain fires significantly more missiles.

    icon-w.jpg.7b0bd96571a21c8109fe0cbafae92a39.jpg W - Void Seeker: Kai’Sa fires off a beam of Void energy, revealing the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage, and applying stacks of Plasma.

    Living Weapon:
    With enough bonus Ability Power, Void Seeker deals more damage and partially refunds the cool down on champion hit.


    icon-e.jpg.70ba679823e507a11e454692b1a07073.jpg E - Supercharger: Kai’Sa charges up, briefly increasing her movement speed but losing the ability to attack. After charging up, Kai’Sa whips out the big guns to increase her attack speed for a few seconds.
    Basic attacks reduce Supercharger’s cool down.

    Living Weapon:
    With enough bonus Attack Speed, Supercharger briefly grants true invisibility while charging up.

    icon-r.jpg.3df3f200b88da236fd1a520e76d0ffbf.jpg R - Killer Instinct: Kai’Sa dashes at extremely high speed with long range to a location near an enemy champion marked with Plasma and briefly gains a damage-absorbing shield.


    Her skins: 

    base-splash.thumb.jpg.9c9aaf2638eff60991949b9f1186f905.jpg  bullet-angel-splash.thumb.jpg.35bed443fed3c0e4f8f22dabd7bfd53e.jpg


    Credit: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-reveal-kaisa

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