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  • CaGregorio

    Comprehensive Guide 2.0

    This guide was created by Pineaqples and posted on Reddit.  The article can be found here - 

    His permission was gotten to post this here - the full post can be found here on our site - 


    Where to get H1Z1:
    H1Z1 is now FREE TO PLAY for everyone, if you’re looking to download the game, please check out the Steam store here:

    You will need to create a Daybreak account that will be linked to your Steam ID - You may only have one Daybreak account linked to your steam so don’t lose it!


    Character Creation:
    When you launch the game, you will have the option to create a character with 8 premade models to choose from:


    Afterwards, you’ll be able to choose your in-game name and select a region to play.
    Region Select
    There are 5 major regions to choose from that will be based on your connection:

    North America
    South America

    Your ping will be based on how far away you are from each Region’s server, for an optimal playing experience, you want to select the region with the lowest MS.

    Main Menu:

    Now that you’ve created your character, you’re going to be placed on the Main Menu which has a lot of elements you will want to get comfortable with.





    Solo - the battle royale experience as a solo player  
    Duos - the battle royale experience with a partner
    Fives - the battle royale experience as a full 5 man team
    Combat Zone - a fast-paced training mode with respawns, fully equipped characters, to practice all of your combat and shooting mechanics.
    Auto Royale (NEW!) - a brand NEW game mode of a vehicular battle royale game with 4 man teams, power ups, destruction, violence, speed, and momentum.
    Hosted Games - a series of private servers owned by members of the community across all regions (including myself!) This servers vary from competitive scrims, to fun-filled community games
    Events - a series of special game modes run by Daybreak, these are usually time based events with a reward for winning 1st place.


    This is where you can customize all aspects of your character’s appearance from clothes, armor, helmets, weapons, vehicles and emotes!



    Under the GEAR section, you can have the option to change:
    Hat -
    Helmet - Showcase
    Shirt - Showcase
    Backpacks - Jansports Military Satchels
    Shoes - Conveys Workboots Stealth
    Pants - Showcase
    Gloves - Showcase
    Glasses - Showcase
    Bandana - Showcase
    Armor - Laminated Makeshift

    Under the WEAPONS section, you have the option to change:
    AK-47 -
    AR-15 - Showcase
    Shotgun - Showcase
    MP7 - Showcase
    Sniper Rifle - Showcase
    M9 - Showcase
    Magnum - Showcase
    Crossbow - Showcase
    Recurve Bow - Showcase
    Machete - Showcase
    Combat Knife - Showcase

    Under the RIDES section, you have the option to change:
    Battle Royale:
    Offroader -
    Truck - Showcase
    ATV - Showcase
    Parachute - Showcase

    Auto Royale:
    ARV -
    Sedan - Showcase


    Under the EMOTES section, you have the option to change:

    A combined total of 12 slots for in-game emote animations that can range from something as simple as wave, to complex like a backflip.
    Note: Performing any action while an emote is in progress will cause it to cancel.


    This next section we’re going to be focusing on in-game settings that fall under 4 categories:
    Graphics | Gameplay | Audio | Keybindings

    Each of these 4 sections will be broken down to give you a better understanding of how you can tailor H1Z1 to yourself for an optimal playing experience.

    Graphics will cover how the game will look on your screen and how you can tune the game for performance, quality, or a hybrid between the two.

    Gameplay will cover in-game settings such as various sensitivities, crosshair customization, HUD control, inventory, camera and more.

    Audio will cover various aspects of the game’s audio from sound effects, UI, team voice chat, and proximity voice chat.

    Keybindings will customize your controls for the game based your preferences, almost every in-game action can be bound to a key on your keyboard or mouse. These are crucial for a more fluid experience and useful for building up important muscle memory.




    Resolution - this changes how your game will be scaled on your monitor and can be experimented with various choices to fit your needs as a player. Generally, a lower number resolution (ex:1440x900) will result in a performance increase; however, the game will lose a lot of quality. A higher resolution (ex: 1920x1080) can result in a performance decrease depending on your PC but will result in a higher quality game.

    My recommendation to players would keep it at the native resolution of your monitor which for most people will be 1920x1080 or the LAST option available.  

    Brightness - changes the brightness in-game (self-explanatory)
    Recommendation: 0%

    Field of View - F.O.V refers to how far away the camera will be from your character in the 3rd person resulting in a shorter (lower number) or wider (higher number) view.
    Recommendation: 70 FOV


    Render Quality - This changes how sharp objects ingame (including yourself) will render in on your screen. This can drastically affect performance and the quality of your game so please fine tune it to your liking. The default quality is set to 100% - going any lower will decrease the quality of the game but boost your performance and vice versa going above will increase the quality of the game but can lower your performance.
    Recommendation: 100% if you don’t have a solid PC | 120% if your PC can handle it

    Render Distance - This will change how far away objects will render in from the character model. There are two keybinds to change Render Distance:
    [ will lower the render distance by 500 meters
    ] will raise the render distance by 500 meters
    (Note: These can be changed under the keybinds menu.)
    A lower render distance will result in a increase in performance
    A higher render distance will result in a decrease in performace; however, will provide more information and visibility.
    Players will always render in within 500 meters render distance
    Vehicles will render in at a maximum of 1500 render distance
    The maximum render distance you need for in-game information is 1500 meters.
    Recommendation: 500 render in cities | 1500 render in fields

    VSync - VSync
    synchronizes the frame rate of the game with the monitor refresh rate however this setting seems to cause performance issues.
    Recommendation: VSync turned OFF

    Model Quality - will increase the quality of rendered objects around the map.
    Recommendation: High

    Flora Quality - adds occlusion around the map like grass, flowers, rocks and more.
    Recommendation: Low

    Texture Quality - changes the quality of all textures added to the models/skins
    Recommendation: High

    Tree quality - changes the quality and depth of trees and their leaves.
    Recommendation: Low

    Lighting Quality - changes how impactful the lighting system works in-game
    Recommendation: High

    Interior Lighting - self explanatory, improves lighting indoors to help visibility
    Recommendation: ON

    Ambient Occlusion - a shading and rendering technique used to highlight lighting
    Recommendation: ON

    Shadow Quality - self explanatory, adds shadows to the world.
    Recommendation: OFF for visibility and performance | ON for quality

    Personal Settings:
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Brightness: 0%
    Field of View: 70
    Render Quality: 120%
    Render Distance: 1500
    VSync: OFF
    Model Quality: High
    Flora Quality: Low
    Texture Quality: High
    Tree Quality: Low
    Lighting Quality: High
    Interior Lighting: On
    Ambient Occlusion: Off
    Shadow Quality: Off




    Mouse Sensitivity - this affects the speed at which you look around while moving, hip-firing, and inventory management.

    Aiming Sensitivity - this affects the speed at which you look around aiming down sights (holding right-click [Mouse 2]) with your weapons

    Scoped Sensitivity - this affects the speed at which you look around while aiming down the scope of a Sniper Rifle, Crossbow, and Binoculars.

    Vehicle Mouse Sensitivity - this affects the speed at which you look around while inside a vehicle.

    Parachute Mouse Sensitivity - this affects the speed at which you look around while parachuting at the start of a match.

    Invert Vertical Look - Self Explanatory
    Recommendation: OFF

    Toggle ADS - Press Right Click once to stay locked in aim-down sights
    Recommendation: OFF

    Reduce Input Lag - Reduces the time between performing an action and how long it takes to translates to the game.
    Recommendation: ON

    Camera - There are three different camera modes in H1Z1
    Classic: the original H1Z1 camera with minimal movement and an over the shoulder zoom
    Dynamic: an action camera that moves along with your camera and has an enhanced zoom
    Static: a hybrid between Classic and Dynamic, minimal camera movement with an enhanced zoom

    Recommendation: Classic or Static

    Various Joystick settings - used for a controller but not worth using or pursuing.


    Tracers allow you to see a visible indication of bullets being fired either from your own gun or shot by enemies. These are particularly useful for learning the directional audio from being shot at AND learning where to place your shots while practicing. Personally, I only use enemy tracers to see where bullets are pathing as I find my own tracers to be distracting and take away from my own gameplay.  


    Reticle Style - allows you to change between two different types of crosshairs: Classic or Dynamic mode. Classic allows you to choose between 30 different preset reticles. Dynamic mode has only one preset but it’s a reticle that will change fluidly throughout the game during different situations to show accuracy, cone of fire, and reset timing.


    Classic Reticle Presets:

    Reticle Tint R/G/B Sliders - allows you to change the color of your crosshair in-game.
    For a red crosshair -    RED: 255 | GREEN: 0 | BLUE: 0
    For a white crosshair - RED: 255 | GREEN: 255 | BLUE: 255
    For a teal crosshair -   RED: 0 | GREEN: 255 | BLUE: 255

    Blocked Shot Icon - Shows a small red marker on your screen when you can’t shoot over objects found through the world.MfkLl5wr1p6N7kjc_kKaVn4HuCL8R3c6yzhQV4mJ

    Classic Hit Feedback - These are the settings to change how your hitmarkers will appear on screen. There are two different options: ON or OFF; however, I prefer to call it Classic or Dynamic.

    Classic Feedback ON allows you to have the original hitmarkers introduced in the beginning of the system that are considerably smaller.

    Classic Feedback OFF hitmarkers were recently introduced and are much larger and flare up around your crosshair.

    There are specific colors to help indicate where on the body your shots are landing:

    RED - Indicates that you landed a body shot for full weapon damage

    YELLOW - Indicates that you landed a Helmet shot or an Armor shot
    (Note: They both have different audio queues.)

    WHITE - Indicates that you landed a shot on a vehicle

    Here’s an
    example of each style of hitmarker with both Classic Hit Feedback ON/OFF


    Center Inventory - moves the inventory from the left side of the screen to the center
    Recommendation: OFF
    Scale Inventory - Scales the size of your inventory window with your resolution

    HUD & MAP:

    Player Names - ON
    Minimap - ON
    Minimap Center Vertically - OFF
    Compass - ON
    Compass Points of Interest - OFF
    Compass Team Members - ON
    Compass Gas Rings - ON
    Group Panel Center Vertically - OFF


    Personal Settings:
    Mouse Sensitivity - 15%
    Aiming Mouse Sensitivity - 6%
    Scoped Mouse Sensitivity - 10%
    Vehicle Mouse Sensitivity - 30%
    Parachute Mouse Sensitivity - 30%
    Invert Vertical Look - OFF
    Toggle ADS - OFF
    Reduce Input Lag - ON
    Sprint Toggle - OFF
    Camera - Classic
    Reticle Tint - Red: 255 | Green: 0 | Blue: 0
    Classic Hit Feedback - ON
    Blocked Shot Icon - OFF
    Bullet Tracers - Show Enemies
    Reticle Style - Classic
    Shotgun Dynamic Reticle - ON
    Center Inventory - OFF
    Scale Inventory - OFF

    Player Names - ON
    Minimap - ON
    Minimap Center Vertically - OFF
    Compass - ON
    Compass Points of Interest - OFF
    Compass Team Members - ON
    Compass Gas Rings - ON
    Group Panel Center Vertically - OFF


    These settings will affect how audio will work throughout the game - these are basically preference but my recommendation would be to have a high percentage on both Master and Sound Effect Volume. Sound effect volume is basically everything in-game from footsteps, gunshots, vehicle sounds, and so forth.


    Self explanatory - Voice chat is used to communicate throughout the game. You can talk throughout two channels: proximity (everyone around you can hear) and team.



    Here are my personal keybinds and the rationale behind each change - only including the non-defaults

    Edited by CaGregorio

    User Feedback

    Thanks! It's also worth mentioning that with these settings, Pineaqples plays on 400 DPI with his mouse, so if you play on less/more you may want to adjust your sensitivities appropriately. 

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