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  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands



    Bolivia, July 2019. DEA agent Ricky Sandoval is captured, tortured, and killed by the Santa Blanca cartel.   As a result, the United States initiates Operation Kingslayer, a joint operation between the CIA, DEA and JSOC. The United States Army dispatches a fireteam of elite special operations unit called "Ghosts" to destroy the cartel and reveal the connection between Santa Blanca and the local government.


    Set in a MASSIVE open-world country with lots of different landscapes to explore in any order you want, the main goal of the game is to take down the drug cartel leader, El Sueno, and his underbosses, who controls this war-torn country. On land, on sea, or in the air, the options to eliminate El Sueno are virtually limitless. An upgrade system is also present, and without being game-chaning, many of the upgrades are little things that can make the difference between life and death during firefights. Most of El Sueno's lieutenants can be found by gaining intel in this vast, open sandbox, whether you have to interrogate someone, or hack a laptop.


    The activities are slightly repetitive, but no firefight is  exactly the same. Sometimes, you'll end up reaching up your objective by not alerting a single guard (which aren't the smartest, but they do put  up a fight if you're not careful) due to some very effective drone recon done beforehand, or one of your teammates (probably more likely human than AI) will fire a shot at the wrong time and send you running out of there with your gun between your legs. 


    There are 3 factions in the game: The Rebels (Friendly), the Santa Blanca Cartel (Foe), and Unidad. The Unidad is a special military force trained by ruthless Colombian military agents whose original mission was to drive the Santa Blanca cartel away from the country. However, corruption being rampant among the different levels of goverment, Unidad forces went rogue and turned villages into warzones. Ruthless, the columbian elite force is truly everwhere: on land, on the roads, in the air, and at sea. 




    In order to progress your skill arsenal, you loot resources and skill points. Those are found in the world in small amounts, or larger amounts can be obtained by completing resource-specific missions (plane or helicopter hijacking, and medical convoys). LOTS of weapons and different clothing options are also available to achieve the look you want to have in game and are reflected during cut scenes. A plethora of different weapons is at your disposal, such as sniper rifles, assault rifles, and submachine guns. Most of the weapons can be customized using a wide array of attachments, and each of those attachments can have their own paintjob applied to it. The options are here, once again, quite plentiful!


    If this has you excited, please come play with us and let your fellow ADK Members know you're playing!


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