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  • KillikHiveMind

    Jameson's Rest

    In Elite, the name Jameson is that of honor and respect. Commander John Jameson is a hero from the old Thargoid war. Specifically, the man who sacrificed himself to end the war. He was assigned to deliver a payload containing the Mycoid virus to a Thargoid Hive ship. The belief was that the virus would affect the biomechanical technology of the Thargoids and render their hyperdrives useless. Spreading to the ships that docked at the hive ship and essentially trapping them within a system and making it so humanity would be safe. The Mycoid virus was developed by the Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm or INRA for short, to help humanity in a war that they were losing badly. But humanity has a known tendency to become a monster in desperation. At this time we were very, very, very desperate. Nobody knew publically what INRA was really doing. Most thought they were just a join Federation and Empire task force to fight a common enemy. It was so much worse than that. INRA had become a cancer that festered in the shadows. Testing on live subjects and dissecting them alive. Instead of just making the Mycoid to disable the Thargoid tech, they made it a biological weapon that caused rapid deterioration and would kill within minutes.

    Jameson was a man of the black, spent his whole life in it. Climbed the ranks as a pilot extremely quick even for the best of aces. He was renowned throughout the civilized bubble that humanity dwelled in. He was sent on a suicidal mission that nobody else would take. He knew what he was going to do, but he didn't know what effect it would have, or at least not all of what it would do. He did what he had to do and got the job done, was home free... But he was betrayed. INRA had tampered with his Cobra Mk3 and set a kill switch. That even if he survived the Thargoids he would fall. He lies dead for over 100 years and undisturbed. Until now, in the HIP 12099 system on planet 1 B, Latitude: -54.3. Longitude: -50.3. Is an old, Cobra Mk3 registered to one Commander John Jameson. Computer nodes scattered throughout the site can be found and the logs contain his final words that never were delivered. 

    Images of the site: https://imgur.com/a/zdU2Z

    Solute Commanders, he was the best of us.


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