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    Elite: Dangerous - Join the Elite today!

    Elite: Dangerous - Join the Elite today!


    Elite Dangerous 2.1 Engineers and 1.6 Missions patch is now LIVE!

    It's never been a better time to get back into Elite -- with a huge amount of content for both Horizons and non-Horizons players, there's more combat, trade and exploration to be done in one of the biggest persistent universes out there.  Which of the 400 billion stars will YOU call home... which ship will YOU call your own?



    This is one year of Elite: Dangerous at ADK.  Thank you all for the glorious time in space, and we hope you'll join us for more!



    You're a fresh pilot.  A thousand credits and the Bank of Zaonce decided to loan you a ship with some basic components.  So here you are, in a giant station a mile and a half wide, fourty docks and two thousand light seconds into the Saktsak system.  Where will you go?  What will you do with your life?  What will be your story?



    You take a look around your one-seater and know that you're destined for more.  You set off and help out with some missions for the local planetary government - it seems your contact's name is Perry Noble, and he works for a group called 'A Different Kind'.  You work hard, earn some cash and upgrade your shields and weaponry.  Before long your ship can jump farther, fly faster, and take on a little more than it could before.


    You soar through the ranks, upgrading your ship, flying hauls back and forth between stations -- sometimes not the most legal of goods but you don't ask questions.  A few pirates zip in on your last route -- you ring up their wanted tags on the long range network, they're known pirates -- and you open fire.  You don't put up with rabble when you're putting in a hard day's work.  Cha-ching, all three explode into oblivion, and you're confirming the kills with the local gov so you can pick up the bounties on their heads later.  Heck, a few of them even dropped some materials and data nodes in space that you can use to upgrade your ship later.

    You hear about this guy... 'The Dweller', and you head his way.  A few jumps, and he's asking for cash.  You hand over your earnings and hope he can upgrade your gear with the mats you've picked up along your journey.  



    A few tries, and he's modded your guns.  They're firing farther than ever before -- this is exactly the edge you wanted, to engage sooner, and pick off pirates before they get close enough to touch you.  You hear if you keep going, he might get practiced enough to upgrade your components even farther, maybe even give them a little special flair.




    What you see above is just a little taste of some of the new mechanics in Elite - we hope you'll join us soon!

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    User Feedback

    Fdev has refunded anyone between today and last week's release for any credits earned by OP NPCs.  NPCs are also no longer able to use the Engineer mods.   We are.  That means the l33t haxx0r mod combinations that the NPCs generated are still almost-reachable by us!!!

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