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  • Phire

    Elite: Dangerous - Blaze Your Own Trail




    With Space Simulators rising in popularity, game companies are racing to put their names down in the books. Frontier Developments has created an FPS MMORPG that captures the wonders of Space in its full reality and places it in front of the player to explore galaxies never before seen to man. Players purchase Spaceships and explore, trade, battle, raid, and much more in our Final Frontier. 400 Billion star systems, infinite freedom. Blaze your own trail in Elite: Dangerous.


    Frontier released Elite: Dangerous on premium beta back in May 20th of 2014. The game back then had a limit of 50 Solar Systems and a Kickstarter backing of 25,000 pledgers. Now with the release date fast approaching on December 16th, creator David Braben has announced that players will have access to 400 Billion complete star systems, many based off of the systems we see in the night sky.


    "Look up to the night sky, your dreams of exploring the stars and the endless galaxies beyond are made real in Elite: Dangerous. Every dot on the vast cosmic starscape of the Milky Way is a star system and within are an amazing mix of planets, moons, asteroid belts, rings, comets or cosmological marvels waiting to be discovered." -(Elite: Dangerous Game Details Webpage)





    One of the main features of the game is freedom. The Galaxy belongs to no man, so trade, create alliances, pillage, build up and bring down planetary economies, the choice is yours. Huge Starports serve as a base and facility, the home to your goods and weapons. Side with one of the three main Superpowers; The Empire, The Federation, or the Independents. New Players start with a Sidewinder ship, the Universe in front of them, and the option to launch.


    Elite: Dangerous is compatible with both the vanilla keyboard and mouse or joysticks, controllers, and foot pedals. A huge value that critics have placed on the game is the fact that players must learn to fly their own ship. Automatic controls are purchasable, but in the beginning, players with be navigating, docking, and flying their ship 100% manually. There are also the pros and cons of player interaction. Players can band together and form alliances but risk being taken out by a larger group.


    Player to Player Combat is a highlight for many that includes weapons, shields, engine usage, and maneuverability that feels real. Combat can be done skillfully or executed in a fast, head to head tussle. Some might see the no rules PVP as a huge put-off, but for most, it is the biggest draw.


    If you've ever wanted to explore the bright star systems that you've gazed at in the night sky, experienced unlimited space and freedom, and engaged an enemy tradeship in a massive battle, now is your chance. In Elite: Dangerous, the Galaxy is yours.








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    I feel this game will surpass Star Citizen,  and will out grow it quicker.  Mainly because it will have a head start, but also I feel like Star Citizen is too money orientated.  No one truly knows , not even the Dev's.  It will all come down to the gaming community that plays and how much time and money Frontier invests into the game. I do have high hopes for this game, even if it goes to a monthly subscription.  I don't mind paying to keep knew things coming to the game, but where I feel Star Citizen falls short is the ship buying.  Also the 35 dollar subscription monthly, on top of having to buy a ship with real money.  This is my opinion, and it'll be great to see these two space titans battle it out, with two very different approaches to the gaming world.

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