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  • KillikHiveMind

    Elite Dangerous 2.4 and Beyond

    On October 7th Frontier Developments held their first Frontier Expo in London. All things Frontier were discussed including Elite Dangerous so naturally we got some goodies in store for us including a roadmap and walkthrough the next year in development.

    I have coppied the post from the Elite Dangerous Forums with all the details we have so far. 

    Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco, Art Director Chris Gregory, and Game Director Laurence Oldham joined Senior Community Manager Edward Lewis on stage to talk about the year ahead for Elite Dangerous. We’ll be uploading the Elite Dangerous section to the official Elite Dangerous channel in the following week, and you can watch the full show here, but for now, here’s a quick roundup of some of the things we talked about on stage. Make sure to visit our social media channels to see some screenshots of the event and the things we announced.

    Everything we talked about on stage at FX2017 will be coming to all Elite Dangerous: Horizons players for free.


    In 2018 we’re launching a series of updates called Beyond. In Quarter 1 and Quarter 4 we’ll have two larger content drops, and in between that there will be smaller updates that will also add new content, ships, and quality of life improvements. 

    Beyond will focus on three things: narrative progression, enhancements and development of the core experience and adding new features and content to the game.


    Quarter 1 update

    Here are just a few things we talked about coming as part of the Quarter 1 update in the Beyond series. 
    Engineering - We’re going to make sure that every upgrade you craft with engineers will be an improvement on what you currently have

    Crime and Punishment - We’re going to add teeth to system authority ships response to better support meaningful consequence for criminal activities

    Trade - We’re going to improve trade data information to let you make more informed decisions when trying to buy low and sell high

    Wings - We’re going to add challenging wing missions you will be able to take on with your friends.

    Planetary tech improvements – We are revisiting the shaders and the graphs that generate our planets. We’ll be adding detail, contrast and colour for a richer more detailed, more realistic look. You’ll start to see that variety throughout the Elite Galaxy from our Q1 update.

    Continuing Narrative - From update 1 in the Beyond series you’ll see all of the current story threads continue to develop. The story will continue to influence the content and gameplay of Elite Dangerous. As the community explore the locations progressing the global narrative this will also unlock items for individual Commanders. 

    GalNet Audio – A new way to enjoy the narrative threads of Elite Dangerous. GalNet audio will read the news to you as you explore the galaxy in your ship.

    Content updates

    more information coming but this will include things such as new ships, missions, scenarios and other new content.

    New Ships

    New ships will be released throughout the Beyond series of updates, and we showed off two of them at FX2017. We’re bringing back a much-loved classic from the original Elite with the Krait, and giving the Alliance some love with the combat-leaning Chieftain.



    Quarter 4 update

    Here are just a few things we talked about coming as part of the Quarter 4 update in the Beyond series. 

    Squadrons - Players like working together, w so we’re going to add a new organisation structure for player groups, called Squadrons. You’ll be able to create your own squadron with tools to manage its hierarchy and membership. Squadrons will feature enhanced communication options, making it easier to coordinate your efforts, whether you’re doing completing community goals, supporting your power or manipulating the background simulation. And as a little treat, squadrons will be able to purchase a fleet carrier, giving members a mobile base of operations where they can restock, refuel and respawn.


    Mining - A big focus of these updates is core gameplay, so we want to take another look at mining. We want to make the processes of mining more involving and satisfying. It needs to be more than just lasering an asteroid. We want to expand the ways in which you detect and extract resources, give you a tool set, variety and choice in how you mine. Importantly, we want invoke the feeling of Wild West prospecting: jeopardy from crises and challenges out in the void, and the potential for striking it big finding the mother lode in special asteroids. Our goal is to make mining a fully-fledged career, something that you can progress and work on.


    Planetary Tech Improvements – Leading up to the Q4 update we’ll be making Improvements to our lighting model, our scatter rock system, improving ambient effects, planetary phenomena, volumetric effects and vapour. These techniques will combine to create richer environments to explore in our Q4 update. These are important steps in our ongoing planetary development. 


    Exploration - we’re going to significantly improve and build on exploration. The exploring flow will be more involved, more efficient and more satisfying. These new mechanics will also improve the experience for anyone searching for something, be that a mission or a particular resource. To support exploration we’re adding the Codex, an archive that logs your exploration achievements and acts as a repository for game lore. There will also be new phenomena, anomalies and other exciting things to discover.


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