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  • Kody

    Introducing Tek Gear Donations

    Hey everyone! Tek Gear is coming to the Ark Donation Store!


    Image result for tek gear ark


    Hold your horses there kiddos, before you get excited, know that there are some restrictions to this. Not everyone will be able to purchase this from the get go, because we have some requirements. First off, you'll of course have to know the engram for tek gear, which means doing all the boss fights. Second, you'll have to do some or all versions of the tek cave, depending on the level of tek gear that you want. Let me explain:

    Gamma Tek Cave: 600 Armor Value Set - 30$
    Beta Tek Cave: 1200 Armor Value Set - 40$
    Alpha Tek Cave: 2000 Armor Value Set- 50$ 

    To complete this purchase you must add this item to cart and check out (its free). An Admin will contact you. You must present a screenshot with a picture of your specimen implant to prove you have completed the Tek Cave (Admins may require in-game verification), and they will give you instructions on how to complete your purchase.

    Image result for Alpha cave specimen ARK

    We're very excited to offer this gear to you guys, now go out there and beat them tek caves!

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