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  • Sav

    Extinction Server Information

    Our Extinction Server is finally here!

    With the release of Extinction, we've brought a different variety of settings and gameplay from our current cluster. It will NOT be merged at this time.

    Our IP is:



    • EXP is 3x (Player and Dino EXP are aligned with official increments.)
    • Current max level without ascension is 145, with is 175. Dino levels are capable of reaching 100 extra levels post tame.
    • Harvesting is 5x
    • Taming is 10x
    • Mating is 1x
    • Egg Hatch is 15x
    • Baby Mature is 10x
    • Baby food consumption is 1x (For whatever reason it was turned up on the hive so we have turned it back down.)
    • Cuddle interval is .5x
    • Egg lay interval is 5x
    • Resource respawn timer is .5x
    • Resource repression is 1x (How close resource will respawn to a player and structures.)
    • Corpse decomposition is 2x. (This means your death bag will last twice as long.)
    • Crop growth is 3x compared to 5x on the hive.



    • The server will have an auto restart every Sunday and Wednesday at 4AM CST, this will include a wild dino wipe.
    • Prevent building in resource rich areas ENABLED (Depending on how this goes, we will reevaluate at a later date.)
    • Crate Spawns on Structures ENABLED (This will remove being unable to build around drops. ANY person who is found blocking spawns will have their structures removed).
    • Corpse locator is ENABLED
    • Spawn animations DISABLED
    • Unlimited Respecs ENABLED (Official settings are 1 per level)
    • Allow platform saddle to have multiple floors ENABLED (Also applies to rafts)
    • Diseases are now NON-permanent
    • The HUD and visual settings that we use on the cluster will remain the same. (i.e. crosshair, damage markers, etc. are ENABLED)
    • Allow Raid Dino Feeding ENABLED (We intend to allow titans to be kept alive longer than the 5 day period official gives. We assume as of right now that it ties into this specific INI setting. We will make whatever changes we can in the future to allow this. 1 titan is allowed to be kept out on display PER tribe. Players may tame more and place them into dino souls. Players leaving the base may take one with them, but only 1 is to be on display at ANY given time.)
    • Flyers in caves are ENABLED
    • Allow unaligned dinos on platforms ENABLED
    • Override structure platform prevention ENABLED (Turrets will be allowed on platforms.)
    • Auto and fast decay of unsnapped core structures ENABLED
    • Destroy unconnected waterpipes ENABLED (After 2 REAL TIME days pipes will auto destroy.)
    • Passive defense damage ENABLED (Spike walls will damage wild dinos.)
    • Platform structures are set to a limit of 500. (We will be flexible on platform structures depending on what reaches this limit.)



    Storage +


    Wireless Electronics

    Reusable +



    Travan's Trough (Replaces Wireless Electronics)

    RP Visual Storage (Replaces Storage +)*

    Utilities Plus (Replaces Reusable + AND Omnicular)


    *RP Visual Storage is a mod that adds both general storage and resource-specific storage boxes.


    We hope that these new features fit everyone to have their best experience! Happy ARKing!


    Edited by Sav

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