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  • Markivo

    Champion of the Ark Event!

    Welcome to the first ever “Champion of the Ark” free for all competition!

    This is an event where people bring a dino of their choice to the Admin Arena on Ragnarok (teleports can be given where necessary) and prepare for a chaotic fight to the death for the chance to win prizes!

    This event will take place on Sunday the 29th July and comes in three different variations; lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Each of these categories permit different dinos entry.

    Heavyweight class is for those players who really want to test out the best dinos they can produce against the other top dinos the server has to offer. Be careful! Your dino could be killed in this event so don’t bring anything you aren’t willing to lose. The heavyweight dinos (therefore excluded from middleweight and lightweight events) are as follows:

    -          Rex

    -          Tek Rex

    -          Gigantosaurus

    -          Spinosaur

    -          Wyvern (No Flying)

    -          Reaper

    -          Basilisk

    -          Rock Drake

    -          Yutyrannus

    -          Rock Elemental


    Image result for dinosaur king fight


    The middleweight is for those players who want to try breeding/ levelling up some of the ‘less used’ pvp dinos but may offer some interesting mechanics when given a chance to shine. The middleweight dinos (therefore excluded from lightweight events) are:

    -          Arthropleura

    -          Therizinosaurus

    -          Kaprosuchus

    -          Purlovia

    -          Thylacoleo

    -          Baryonyx

    -          Allosaurus

    -          Carnotaurus

    -          Direbear

    -          Megalania

    -          Megalosaurus

    -          Ravager

    -          Woolly Rhino

    -          Triceratops

    -          Mammoth

    -          Thorny Dragon

    -          Diplodocus

    -          Stegosaurus

    -          Paracer

    -          Mantis

    -          Direwolf



    Aside from the dinos mentioned in the two categories above, all flyers (other than the wyvern) are banned from the events because of their ability to grab people from their mounts. Karkinos is also not allowed due to being able to grab people off their dinos. Brontosaurus and titanosaur are also banned (purely for their size). Ocean creatures are also unable to compete because this event will take place on land (there will be a chance for the ocean creatures at some point in the future).

    Then finally, we have the lightweight class. Lightweight class is for players to use relatively weaker dinos but to attempt to use them in a way to really make them stand out. All dinos other than the ones previously mentioned are allowed in this category as long as you are able to ride it.


    Image result for dinosaur king baby fight


    Good luck to anyone who wishes to participate!

    User Feedback

    Just a small note for those worried about PvP on our PvE server!

    The server will remain in PvE mode and all of the battling will take place with the war functions. We will be taking extra precautions to make sure anything outside the battle arena will not be harmed.


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