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    R25 Patch - Close Quarters

    I have our Rush server updated to the R25 as well as our former No Explosives metro server.


    I will be updating the other ones when I get home from work Sunday Afternoon.   Hopefully we can get a group of people to help populate them.


    I changed the former no explosives server to the new Conquest Domination since it wasn't populated, and it'll give people in the community who have the premium to play on those maps. I don't see many servers running with people in them, so if we could get that server populated that would be awesome. As well as letting us know which maps you like and don't like. More information will be coming soon.


    I wasn't even planning on being up this late, but was laying in bed and had the bright idea to update the empty servers and change the metro to the new maps to see if that populates at anytime on Sunday.


    So expect more information this afternoon!

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    User Feedback

    I believe the client maps are only released for premium on the 11th which is monday.
    But i will populate for sure, i believe we need to work something out for a gun master server, and i will also be happy to populate it.

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    I thought it was the 12th.

    Also, does procon work with R25?

    [i]Also[/i], any chance that we could switch the 32 slot CQ server to two 16 slots? I spose that might take more work than it's worth, but I'd prefer to play those maps with 16 players. Edited by billymcguffin

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    tis confusing, when you get premium it says it is ready to play. No servers though. Then info says 11th of June, then BF3 website says 12th June....

    Any case I see the ADK server (only one ATM too) and ready when it releases! Hopefully peeps adding to favorites all ready!

    Not sure if CQ 32 man is going to be like 64 TDM..lol, Not really looking forward to it to much... the cluster from hell.... We will see!!!

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    Its weird you say that, my brother got premium also, and where it shows the 11th for me, it tells him the 12th.

    DICE, what even are you doing.....

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    R26 coming wednesday.

    I thought i saw it as xpack1, and B2K was integrated? I might be completely wrong. But the last patch being 2GB, total install is 15.9GB, otherwise this install will be over 20GB soon...lol

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