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  • bob31000

    The Internet Needs You.

    Net Neutrality

    net neu·tral·i·ty


    The principle that Internet service providers(ISPs) should provide equitable access to all content and applications regardless of the source,  without favoring or blocking any particular products, services, or websites.

    Consider having to pay a “premium” to receive standard internet speeds for certain websites.

    Maybe our site has to start paying money just so people can access it at more than 2 mbps.

    You might have to start paying more money to simply buffer 1080p YouTube videos at a reasonable rate.

    In 2010, the FCC took steps to make sure that the internet was not be touched by all of our ISPs.

    Today, the FCC is looking to make sure that the legislation that protects us, Title 2, goes away.

    This is where the day of Internet freedom comes from. (Today, July 12th) To tell our congress and the FCC that we will NOT spend more money for worse connection.

    This is an issue that affects every American that reads this post, and I beg you to click the links below. Inform yourself about this issue. Maybe watch some of the online skits.

    I am for team Internet

    This video is a much better explanation:






    Go do something about this, while you can still click on links.



    User Feedback

    While essentially DDoSing the FCC website with comments might make them notice some people are upset, a more reasonable and effective approach would be to call your congressmen.  If you sit down and make your voice heard via the proper channels and let your representatives know your stance and that their seats might ride on how they vote on this issue you are more likely to get results.  Fun fact, they are kinda required to accept communication from their constituents (mail 'em every day, it's fun and annoying).  Bonus points if you can visit their local offices.

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    Agreed about visiting local offices. It's a great thing, and while I think there's some Rhinos that need to get out of office, some of them will care enough to listen and change their stance.   Keyword being 'some'. . as it's normally pretty tough especially as while they are supposed to be the voice of us, they're normally just the voice of themselves and their money. 

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    We were talking about this on Discord. . . but wanted to continue it here as well. 


    So there's no doubt that you don't want the government to run everything. 

    I brought up what happens when little sites get throttled and then @SamsWrath said:

     i don't think your scenerio would ever happen because the free market would come along with a company that doesn't charge those fees and it would make the other companies either rethink their poor practices or loose market share


    To which I agree, but how long would that take to happen?  And we both were using Verizon as an example, I just happened to type quicker:

    I said: Agreed. . but right now it's not that from everything I've seen, rather it's got that broad spectrum that could effect everyone who has a website.  You are right about that too I think it would be corrected but look at how long it took for Verizon and ATT to correct the "unlimited" data. . and bring it back.


    Sams said: true... but, I was just going to use Verizon as an example. They corrected thier pricing and unlimited plans recently because they were hemorrhaging market share


    So what is everyone else's thoughts on this? 

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    They're doing something different up here in Canada but with the same premise.  It's a 'council' that will control the Inet... and will be run by the gov and 2-3 of the major corps with NO representation from the smaller companies.  They set the policies, pricing, etc etc.  Totally undemocratic and not even close to free market.  Same net neutrality premises are included too.


    Give them one inch, they'll take one mile and then start asking for two.

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    On 7/15/2017 at 1:09 AM, AOBLXIX said:

    Surely more of you have some comments on this topic :) I mean. . .we are all using the interwebs right now. 

    Tbh, you guys have gotten most of my opinion on it. It's going to have us pay more money for legitimately every service we use on the internet in the long run. My hopes are that if it goes through sam is right, and the free market comes in and fixes it. I could go on a rant about this for another 7 pages but the main point is that it's going to affect far more than just the companies that control our access to the internet, but the companies that are run through it as well. 


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