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  • LaithSJ

    The END Of The BF Section Journey



    Things never stay as they are , things change with life , They can go up or go down. In the last 4 years that I have been here in ADK my only hope was to not to see the day that I would be making this article , but here it is. Four years of success , Four years of happiness and Fours years of entertainment in one of the best sections in ADK , THE BATTLEFIELD SECTION. It is truly A DIFFERENT KIND.


    In the last four years we have met, played and hungout with some amazing people. I considered them all as a family and a part of our lives. Some have left and some will never leave and  some will always be in our hearts forever. In this section we had amazing times together, But its time to say so long for a little while. So long never means goodbye!

    We have been fighting for the last two years to stay up. Fighting all DICE and EA's bad decisions in what related to the RSP (Renting Service Program).  They broke what they had built in BF3 and BF4.  They took out what any gaming community needs to keep their BF sections up. Sadly some have made it others have not. We tried and tried and tried, but nothing seemed to work. We wasted our time and our energy that could have been used in other ways to improve the BF section, but in the end it didnt work out as we had hoped for. We put all our hard work in staffing the section to make it raise up like what it was before. But we were fighting something bigger as I  mentioned EA and DICE!!

    As a Staff in the BF section I have had the pleasure to be on this amazing Team. We put everything we had for this section. The hours and hours of working for ADK! Not getting paid. Not getting anything except the pleasure of the game itself and the accomplishment of knowing we were making a difference! The RESPECT for the players and hearing "Thank you for your hard work" was enough for them to know that they did something! It was enough for me to keep doing what I was doing. The great effort it took keep the BF section always in the top.  And we made it!! We reached to the top!!


    To all the STAFF : 

    I want to thank each on of you for your hard work . For each minute and hour or day  you put forth here. Without you we would not have been able to stay together  since this place started 9 years ago. Without you we would not have been able to see ADK at the top from thousands of gaming communities around the world! We have reached this because of all your had work and loyalty to ADK! For this I personally Thank you!!

    Populating the servers with you all  for hours and hours makes me feel like Im in the same room with everyone even thou Im thousands of miles away. Gaming with you truly make me feel like the players and staff are my  family. A  family that will never die. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for your hard work. Thank you for being with us till the end. Thank you for anything and everything you have done.  You are a part of ADK and You are what makes ADK great. Its my wish that when the section reopens ( with hard work and determination it will someday ) That you will still be here! Many Thanks!

    Thank you for being A DIFFERENT KIND. 


    Our VA word to us : 




    These are moments I will never forget for my life here in ADK as a BF staff /player. Moments that will never going to die.


    In the end I waant to say that we will come back in the future Please don't forget us . 


    Laith SJ  


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