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    9/11 - 15 Years Later



    It's been 15 years since the tragic events of 9/11/2001. To some it feels like it happened just yesterday and they will always remember that day. Then to other's it's just 'history' because they either haven't been placed on this earth or were too young to remember that day. 

    I don't want to write too much about it as I hope we've all taken our own moments of silence to reflect on this day, but I would love to hear stories of where all of you were on that tragic September day and what you remember. 

    User Feedback

    This was a very thoughtful and refreshing post I wasn't expecting to see on this gaming forum. Thank you for writing something in remembrance of the people who lost there lives. I was eight years old at the time and the memories are fading but I do remember the feeling of knowing something big and sad had happened to our country. 

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    My wife and I (well at that time we were dating) were getting ready to head to our College classes.  We had turned on the news to check traffic and such.  A few minutes into watching, Breaking News came up and well anyone that was watching knows the rest.  


    One day i will have to explain to my kids about it, i have kept a lot of new papers clipping and videos  about it, but i dont think i will every be able to completely explain the feelings of that day.  Pictures and videos can only do so much.  Not that it is the same, but i am guessing it is like my grandparents trying to explain such events like KFC shooting or even seeing the first man walk on the moon (NOT saying they are the same, just that they are huge events).  It is an event from my life that i will never forget.  


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    I remember my parents drove me to bring your child to work in D.C. I also remember them driving me home to safety, driving past the pentagon on I-95 seeing only a giant cloud of smoke. that memory was burned into my brain. also was one of the first memories i have

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    I was and am in finance, that day hit very very close to home for me. My company, at the time, was the largest employer of the WTC. I had friends who worked in the towers and clients as well. I had been in them many times and I had just moved back from New York City about 5 months before it happened. On that fateful morning,  I watched it all live on CNBC until my building was evacuated. We all thought it was a small plane from Laguardia that had hit the tower. I immediately called a good friend of mine who worked right next to the world trade center to find out what was going on. He ran out of his office with his phone in his hand to try and figure out just what was happening and how bad it was. I asked him what all the stuff was floating in the air and he told me it was papers and they were burnt. It was all very baffling to us at the time. We talked for a bit about friends and other folks we knew who worked in the towers. Specifically, we had one of our roommates who worked on the 103rd floor. We were worried about him. But still not too concerned. I heard the second plane hit thru my friends phone as he was looking up. The screams that ensued from the streets below the towers via my friends phone, the people  on TV, and everyone in my office........is  something i will carry with me for ever. If you were not alive or old enough in 2001, then I cannot express to you the level of shock and fear that emanated the instant that second plane hit. Our world of safety and innocence vanished in that instant. I walked home from work and everywhere people were freaking out, crying, running, hugging, and many other manifestations of panic. It was unreal and the world we knew had just been turned upside down.

    The follow up on my day is that out of  the 4000+ employees we had in the towers.....only 8 died. It was the 8 security guards. Our security guards forced everyone out of the building regardless of what the loud speakers in the building were saying which was to go back to your office. They then went back up to our floors to be sure everybody was out....then the towers fell. I was a part of their memorial services and they were incredibly heart breaking. Those security guards were Heroes. They died so others could live.

    Luckily my friends were okay. But I have many friends who went to 10, 20, 30, 40, and even 50+ funerals!!!!!! I know and work with a firm that had 171 employees and lost 66 of them! Another group I know well....had 296 and lost 112. And other much smaller firms that were almost wiped out and lost so many people they had to close. Just crazy to think back about it all. It's a hard day to have to sit and think about.  But we need to remember that day and those victims, we owe it to them.

    I apologize for writing so much and rambling on. This is just  what I went thru that morning. This was a day like no other and it still gets me emotional when I really think through that day. Let us pray for all the families of the victims and let us pray that we never have to experience anything like that again.


    3000 people died and all they did is get up and go to work on a beautiful Tuesday morning.



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    Some moving posts so far that's for sure.  And I hope people can continue to post their stories of where they were. 


    For me, I was still a youngin. It was my Freshman year of high school and I had a Zero Hour class as I was in marching band and that's when we rehearsed. Every morning walking into the classroom the TV was not normally on. But this day was different, the news was on. The first thing I saw walking into the room was the TV and the the first tower that was struck billowing in smoke. I continued walking in shocked wondering if it was true or not. I don't remember who I asked or who answered but I remember time just standing still for me not believing this as I basically just had a blank stare at the TV when someone said yes, the tower was struck by an airplane. 

    I immediately went back outside to call my mother and tell her to turn on the news that the WTC has been struck by a plane and if she knew if my uncle was okay. Which as I look back on that, it was clearly something stupid to ask as I told her to turn the TV on as she didn't know that it happened. She said she'll try to get a hold of my aunt and will let me know when she hears something. 

    Throughout the rest of the day until my 4th or 5th period class everything was just a blur and not much memory. I couldn't believe what was going on and was worried about if my uncle made it out as I knew he was on the higher floors of one of the towers. One of the office admins came to my class and then informed me that my uncle did make it out alive and was trying to make it home. Which gave me a sigh of relief but I think as everyone remembers who was in a similar situation (age) as me, it was difficult to process everything. 


    A little backstory about my uncle.  At that time he worked in the WTC for probably about 12 - 15 years. He was on the higher floors of the South tower. While it wasn't the first tower that was hit he remembered hearing a loud noise and felt what ended up being the impact of the plane hitting the North tower. He says that the only thing that saved his life as well as the others on the floor and a few floors around him was the fact that he was working in the WTC during the 93 bombing and something made him think that it's something similar. 

    He told everyone on his floor to start running down the stairs as fast as possible and to get out.  Along the way they would stop at a few different stories to try to tell others but could only do so much. He's never said if they were still running down the steps as his tower was struck, but said they just got out and ran as far as they could to make sure that they weren't near the towers if something else happened. Which ultimately did with their collapse.  

    Much like I'll never know what those who return from a military tour went through and what their day to day lives are like, I'll never be able to understand what those who have survived go through day in and day out.

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    I'm not American. I live in Québec which is the eastern (and french) province of Canada. I remember that day even though I was younger. I was in class and roughly (from what I remember) around 9h30, the school's director announced the tragedy over the speaker and our parents have been called. The school ended at that time.

    You got to understand Québec is not too far from New York. Perhaps a 7h drive.

    I was not affected by the tragedy but I do remember my relatives to be in tears and fear, and we were thinking about all the losses.

    So even though I am not american, I do a minute of silence every year for all those who died in the tragedy, and those who risked their life due to their job and died.

    If anyone here suffered from a relative's death (friend, family, etc), I offer you my condolences.

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    I actually did a Memorial GORUCK event for 9/11 this past weekend. It was an honoring experience.

    I was in 6th Grade on 9/11, I remember when my teacher put on the news right when the second plane hit the second tower. Didn't really know what was going on at that time, but I knew that something was not right.


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