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  • BrassyIA

    Gingerbread House Contest

    We here at ADK believe the holidays are a the best time of the year!

    They can be stressful at times as well!

    Let's take a break from the stress with a fun ADK family friendly contest!


    From today 12/22 - 12/25 We would like you to make a gingerbread house and upload the finished product with a non blurry clear image photo of your master piece to the special channel located above Fun For All in discord!

    ALSO: You must include your ADK member name in the photo to prove its legit!!

    This is open to all ADK members ONLY!


    Judging will be done by the big man himself.. Yes AOB!! Aww you thought I meant Santa didnt you?!?! LOL He will judge them based on creativity, use of candy, and over all neatness!


    Judging and Winners will be announced on Dec 26th!


    Grand Prize is $25 steam gift card!

    2nd Prize is ADK Tshirt

    3rd Prize is $10 steam gift card!

    Honorable mention is either a small 1 month ingame perk for either ARK, Minecraft or WOW or your choice a $5 steam gift card. Your choice!


    Be creative, Have fun, and blow AOB away!

    Edited by BrassyIA

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