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Hello, I'm Jimmy

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As the title says I am Jimmy. I am somewhat of a noob and somewhat new to online gaming. My main in-games are: jimmy6300 on Battlefield, Call of Duty, Fifa, my Planetside 2 station-name is jimmy6300, but my Vanu Sovreignty name (in Planetside 2) is vanujim. I have logged over 30 Hours in Battlefield 3 online, almost all of that on ADK servers. I have some leadership skills, in an mobile game i had the #10 group out of top 30 for 2 months before i quit. I am an Laser-Tag pro, and Nerf fight Pro. I have a Dell Precision T3500 that i turned into a gaming rig, its specs are:


Windows 7 Professional 32 and 64 Bit (I hate Windows 8) and Windows Xp 32 Bit (for old games)

Intel Xeon W3550 Quad Core @ 3.07 GHZ

Gigabyte AMD Radeon R9-270X 2GB

4 GB Ram

1.25 TB HDD

$500 total


I can run Battlefield 4 on ultra between 45-60 FPS, I have played several hours of every battlefield game, my Battlefield 2 folder has 50 GB of mods in it. I dont have a mic yet, but thanks too N00bWithGun72, i will very soon. (I stress very). Now more about myself, I am a friendly person, people say i am quite hard too aggrivate and computers (especially gaming) is my favorite hobby. I am only 15 but people that have met me thought i was grown up and shocked when i said i was only 15. Even though i am still a noob, i am getting better at online gaming. Here is my BF3 stats: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/jimmy6300/stats/917954519/pc/ I am hoping i can become a part of this great community.



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As an addon to my intro, i now just bought a headset on amazon, it will be here on the 7th of this month so i will be on teamspeak then

Welcome to ADK! What headset did you buy?

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Welcome Jimmy!!  I hope to hear from you tonight you should of gotten your mic by now. We need to get your hours on TS in so you can become a full member.


Great Player (better than me but thats not hard),  chats with everyone on server nice to see, and always welcome.

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