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=ADK= warspite

Getting Back Into It Build...

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I took a break from gaming as I stared my PhD program.  Now that I'm into it and I think I will still be able to game some while I study, here is the build I'm considering as I re-enter the fray:


Mobo: Asus Z97-A (not the deluxe or other fancy models)

CPU: Core i7 4790K Haswell

Cooler: Corsair H-105 Hydro 240mm AIO Liquid Cooler (with Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 120mm 1850RPM fans)

Memory: G-Skill Sniper 16GB DDR3 PC-2400

Graphix:  MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4GB

PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G2 850W SLI-ready Gold+ Certified

Corsair Obsidian 750D Case 


+ Other misc knick-knacks not worth mentioning.


This rig should be able to hit 4.7GHz w/o breaking a sweat for 24/7 ops.







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I actually sold my old system (the one currently in my profile) and am starting from scratch.  I still have my keyboard, monitor, and mouse, but other than that it will be all new.  Were it not for that, I wouldn't even consider an upgrade as my old hexacore would probably shred most quad cores on large multiplayer maps.


@[member='plaxus']: I plan to use a pair of 240GB EVO 840s in RAID-0.  I got one for Christmas as a gift, so I only need to pick up one more.  Also, I am taking a hard look at the ASUS Strix GTX-970.  From what I can see, it's shaping up to be a nice card for significantly less than what a comparable 980 would cost.


I decided to go with the Z97/Devil's Canyon chipset because of the improved thermal packaging of the CPU.  From what I've read, the i7 4790K is capable of 4.8GHz with manageable volts and good cooling.  I guess I'll put that to the test and see for myself.


I look forward to jumping back into gaming and see you in the servers!



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@=ADK= warspite  I have been running a single SSD setup for 6 years or so now and I can tell you the speed I get is more than enough.  I'm very nervous about RAID 0 on my primary machine.   If you lose 1 drive, it's all over.   You must have good backups for something like that and again, I don't think the risk out weighs the benefits.


You could however use that second ssd for games.  I have heard of some people reporting not only faster load times but better gaming performance by running off of an SSD.

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Nice system, and nice case brand, i am a corsair fan.

About the raid, think of raid 0 as having no raid, if you have only one hdd and it breaks it's the end of the data on it.

For increased security you could go with  raid 10 the speed is almost like raid 0 but you are safe if a hdd breaks, only bad downside is you get half of the storage amount.

Or could easily use if don't already have a google drive sync folder(1tb is cheap), or use a home server (or free servers like openshift if you don't want to pay) with owncloud if you are paranoid with file security.


I am happy with 64 and 128mb buffer hdd for now, will want in the future to use a ssd for caching, for now a 64mb buffer hdd as i have my segeate has 130mb/s continuous write and 200mb/s continuous read which is pretty ok, my system boots in 5 seconds cold boot.


I am curios to test intel smart response technology to see if i get any better load speeds for what i use.


@=ADK= warspite


About devil's canyon, i have the 4690k and am impressed with it, sadly i use it with a z87, after just a little time after i made my system the 9x chipset series appeared and the devil's canyon cpus because i am just unlucky and didn't have patience. I initially had a 4440 and upgraded with 4690k and am happy with it, even though in bf4 graph my cpu is 2 times slower than my gpu wich is a 280x oc.

And am sad that didn't have budget for a socket 2011. :))


As for the asus gtx970 StriX dc2 i made a build for someone with it and it's wow, couldn't recommend it more,and i am sad too that i have the 280x  amd. :))

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@[member='suckahell']  I wouldn't recommend RAID 10 for home use.  Most people could not afford it.  I used it with my database servers at work but it's still expensive.  


If @=ADK= warspite is looking for speed, I would suggest a PCI express based SSD solution.  These drives can normall hurdle over the 6GB/s limit.


Here is an example of an SSD PCI-E card: ASUS ROG RAIDR Express PCI-E 240GB PCIe 2.0 x 2 


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Well with ssd is expensive as hell and the more ssd's the more speed. But with normal hdd is nice too with 4 hdd with 128mb buffer you could achieve @1gb/s read/write average. Which is wow, and would cost @[member='300cc2']$ for 4tb/2 so 2tb in raid 10. :)

Anyway now with the cloud file backup solutions you could safely use raid 0 or one hdd/ssd configuration.

I personally use google drive for usual files, pictures, media like music and videos, movies, as for private files like my own projects or script database

(as i am a developer i have tons of scripts and stuff starting from web stuff  and even gaming projects, assets of all kind, os files... big heavy files and which i don't want anyone to see)

i use a netbook transformed with a modded ownclowd into a small static cooling server (so no sounds) that uses max 4w of power. :))

And this way i don't loose anything, as for game saves every system like steam or origin supports cloud save files so no worry with them, and the best part i can keep them in sync with all the devices around me.


And relevant to the ssd's, yes pci-e best way if you want many ssd's as sata is very limited, when i say sata i especially say the chipsets have very limited bandwidth so yeah i recommend and use in builds pci-e for more than 2 drivers and even for 1 drive it is a small speed difference that i noticed actually, but for let's say 4 drives with pci-e you get full speed that means, almost double the speed.



sata 2

Link speed: 3Gbps

Effective data rate: @275Mbps


sata 3

Link speed: 6Gbps

Effective data rate: @560Mbps


pci-e 2.0

Link speed: 8Gbps x2

Effective data rate: @780Mbps


Link speed: 16Gbps x4

Effective data rate: @1560Mbps


pci-e 3.0

Link speed: 16Gbps x2

Effective data rate: @1560Mbps


Link speed: 32Gbps x4

Effective data rate: @3120Mbps

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