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Story of my life:

My name is Brendan Lee, otherwise known as Secret Asian Man. Most people who I game with call me "Asian" for short. Currently I'm an undergrad in college majoring in programming/information technology. I was an art major before, but realized I enjoyed graphic design and art as a hobby rather than a career.

As an avid gamer, I started competitively gaming mid-way in high school playing CS 1.6, CSS, and Warcraft 3, and Halo, and WoW. While I've played multiple games competitively, I enjoy playing FPS the most and have participated in CAL, OGL, and TWL, and ESN. Above all else, I just want to have fun and get headshots with people I play with.

As of recently, I stopped playing WoW as it's gone to crap and Valve's new installment of CS won't be out for awhile too. So I decided to pick up BF3 and have been playing it for a little less than a month now. I thought I should give it a shot as I played BC2 on the Xbox and enjoyed it.

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HAHA "please sensai, make me a swan!" Tooo funnyy.

Welcome :) glad we share some of the same interests ^^ (maybe cuz we're both asian). CS 1.5/1.6 was bossss and I can't wait for the next CS.
Until then BF3 will do and it does just fine haha

Come join us in our teamspeak and get a squad going

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That video was good! thanks for the post dude!

Its nice to meet another gamer :) who really loves what he does.

As previously stated, join us in TS sometime so we can really deal the damage and have a good time!

See you on the Battlefield!

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