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A Different Kind of Gingerbread House Contest

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It's getting Christmas time here and We should have a contest to help put everyone in the spirit! 

Get out your baking pans, frosting, and gumdrops!

If you haven't noticed yet our store has got a bit of a Christmas upgrade. Don't forget to stay warm this winter.





A Different Kind of Gingerbread House!
The Gingerbread House must have ADK on it.
You must have a piece of paper with your forum name and the date written on it.
Must be entered by December 29th, 2014.
All must be edible gingerbread house.
You must of worked on it, you can also have the help of friends or family!
Post the pictures in this thread to be judged.
No photoshop.
Must be Gingerbread, you can use frosting and other candies to decorate. 
1st Place: Steam game, forum award, Holiday Stocking, and Shirt of your choice.
2nd Place: Shirt of your choice and Holiday Stocking.
3rd Place: Holiday Stocking and box of candy canes.

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I want to see some really good Ginger Bread Houses.  I know we have members with kids, and members who like to do this stuff --- its time to show it off, lets see them.  

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I was thinking of making a gingerbread house out of wood with paint and stuff like that until I noticed the edible statement. I am not as strong with baking and frosting as I am with a saw and a brush, however I am seriously considering making a go at it.

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my lady friend makes hella dope looking gingerbread houses, so i might get her to help me make one! thank god they don't have to actually taste good, though

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My girlfriend is going to school to be a stylist baker! Haha! I call it "using the available resources to my advantage" thats what i called it during school!

Just kidding, But i will be making one with her, and ill post it here for the content, not the contest.

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@[member='MuhrderousKitten'] decided to do a Gingerbread village and we decided to allow our kids to help. 



Without further ado. I give you the ADK Gingerbread Village



The whole village







Yes the D looks a bit like a B. It's a tad difficult to adjust the size of the candy cane with one's teeth. 






House 1.





House 2




House 3




House 4




AOB And Vinas holding hands at the kissing gate. (This is an addition from Muhrder only. Muhrderouskitten would like to stress that she had no part in it.)




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I have something, but I'm curious do we present when we wish via photos here right?  I would like to put my entry up on the 29th (it includes family in the project of course) and am just curious any time on the 29th for final submission?

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The Entry!









The Process





















Thanks to Kierstyn able camera man, commentator and minion.  Amber my wife whom puts up with my craziness and the mutts, Bunny & Luna for comic relief! Lily, the cat, made an appearance too! We had a BLAST making it, hope you all enjoy! We will in the days to come!



Edited by Sikosis999

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