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I would like to hear if anyone uses a smoker and what they prepare on them.


I have joined the cult of Traeger users and use it year-round.  Ribs, pork loins, any kind of beef and beer can chicken are usually on tap.  I even make desserts such as coblers and pies on the Traeger.  Whole turkey's are awesome and are easy to do.  And..... Earl Campbell Hot Links are the best.


This is not be be confused with little smokies which are done in the crock pot (which is a discussion for another day).

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Usually my approach to this rather complex art is one of subtlety. I find that if one not only seeks to cook the meat, but in a sense, becomes the meat, greater flavors can be found. I find myself to be a slightly aged pork chop, and when in a smoker I use this thing called The Big Green Egg. It holds in all the flavor and reminds me of my youth, those proverbial Green eggs and ham. 


Have a sound grill session ol' chap

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Being here in NY, don't get a whole lot of smokers. Now down south in Kentucky (where I have some family), its a thing. We had a family reunion back there couple years ago, and someone made smoked brisket, and omfg it was delicious!!! Smoked food is just too amazing lol

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