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Howdy :)


So um yeah, My name is Mark Fisher


I'm a 6'7" 350lbs ginger ogre, I HAVE LAYERS!




:o  :huh: Scroll through if you can, there are pics of me, my daughters, a family pic with the three boys and my service dog Bunny and some cool other nonsense. . . . 


I turned 44 in Sept. The 24th of 1970 is my birth year. . . yes, I'm old but eternally 12!





I have five children - Aaron 23 yr old youngster who's served his country in the US Army

(stories!)                   Daron 21 yr old who's procreating like a mad man, I'm a grandpa twice now - hey, don't go there. . .

                                 (these two knuckleheads belong to my first wife Karen, that'll be enough on that right now heh)


                                 Sarah 17 yr old daughter whom I just "found out" about a year and a half ago, she is my angel

                                 whom lives with her mother Stephanie and StepDad overseas.


                                Shantel 19 yr old who is working on life and thankfully hasn't given me any grandchildren  :rolleyes:

                                Kierstyn 11 yr old, my youngest son (we'll talk) who has his own unique story underway. . .








so um ehy

I've been married a few times - that again requires more time, attention and additives to discuss. . .  suffice to say I'm a vet. in so many ways hahaha

Amber, I call her #3. . . is my wife of 15 yrs. She is responsible for giving me my youngest son, also the mother of Shantel (who while technically my step daughter, isn't thought of or acts as one) and keeper of the chaos aka me. . . She has been more than just my wife; she's my friend, lover, caretaker and champion my soulmate and anti-christ all rolled into one.  Remind me to tell you all the story of how I met her  :lol:



So um yeah,


I've worked a bit - been a cook, a cop, done some corrections (not in a jumper thank you), worked sales and I.T. and worked as an owner of a private contractor / knuckle dragger company for a stint of oh nine years with 75 officers under me. . . then at 30 it all went boom. . . I'm disabled now and those are all STORIES too . . . 




Have you guys figured it out yet?  The longer you live the more shit you can stack?  I mean, as we grow and age our experience is a valued commodity!


and the stories. . . .



I am also "edumikatid"  I had the unfortunate likelihood of having an honors english lit bachelorette over my shoulder all the way through my own completion of my bachelor program in 2011.  Masters/PhD work "in process"  A lil pride minute here as my mom and I are the first to attain such things in our family(story), after doing so many others have followed to our sheer pleasure.


I currently live in Denver where momz was born and a large portion of my family lives, the rest are spread out far and wide the bulk of "us" in Merica live/d in Leavenworth KS (where I was hatched) so we are midwestish folk, again with country pump'n through our veins. . .(story)


...and yes, the marijuana is AWESOME. . . on a serious personal note when I moved out here I was sleeping a lot. . . A LOT, taking about 50 pills a day and weighed in around 478lbs.  coming up on two years here I'm 350lbs taking 5 pills a day and all the sudden the most chill, relaxed and easy going person you've ever met!(story) :)





why am I here? haha


I play games, more than I ever thought I would ever play at this point in my life.  I've always played games; old old games from usurper (BBS yo~) to Ultima, beta tested and worked EQ and WoW, just tons of game platforms all the way up to the point that I'm still doing it! (story)


currently I play a variety of games via Steam but also own several outside platforms such as the BattleField series and a few others Steam hasn't gobbled up yet.  


Primarily "recently" I play:


  • ArmA
  • BF4
  • WarThunder
  • PlanetSide2
  • Counter Strike
  • Insurgency
  • MineCraft


and blah blah blah, I mean . . .I play a lot of games. 


When I found ADK it was via BattleField, I'm an avid TeamSpeak user, I have a wife a child and my parents in the house, I'm always looking for conversation and interaction ELSEWHERE :) so um yeah, I jumped on one night after having been punted for using explosives on Locker, I was worried I'd done something boneheaded as I'm a muppet and didn't want to screw up a $90 investment.


I found people to get that all checked and cleared then was invited to stick around and play, needless to say I've had a blast. .. which has led me to today, after joining the servers on a regular basis and even playing a few other games I have found this group and the people associated with it to be a complete and thorough enjoyment and simply wish to continue doing so :)


I'm a simple guy, that's a bit "not normal" (story)  I live by simple rules, think removed the box and will never be any different be it on TS or in person, unfortunately it's me all or nothing, so if I rub you the wrong way or just get too far into something (story) (yes, I swear and rant sometimes like a sailor on leave, its a poor coping mechanism but damn I'm good at it ><) (story) never fear just smack me on the back of the head and say "Muppet, get in line" :)



Sincerely, it has been and I hope it will continue to be fun. . . 























**********BONUS ROUND**********


some of my favorite things!


"It doesn't have to be fair. . .It just has to be!"  M.Kapfer


"Everyone falls down, it's how you stand back up that matters"















So Um Yeah, So Much More ><  



hope you've enjoyed and smiled at least once!

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Welcome to the forums Mark! That was probably one of the best introductions i've seen in a while. I certainly hope that you will be submitting an application for BF4 to go along with this? Hint hint..... ;)


Seriously though welcome and through our conversation the other day in TS I think you'd be a great addition to the ADK family!

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great intro Mark...just remember...some of us are old like you...and it's really hard (even with my glasses on) to read the small print...lol...welcome to the forums....see you in game old man...:)

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I'm still getting my feet planted, kind of lost on the forums / homepage, it's SO huge!  Maybe someone can answer some questions for me about membership and units and the interactions between them.  I found y'all playing BF4 and support the group with a contribution each month.  I'm one of those types that support things I like. . . I've also jumped in on PS2 and WarThunder, now I know the PS2 stuff was ADK driven, not 100% on the War Thunder. . . I think it was just guys there who decided lets play. . . I'm also interested in ArchMage, but hesitant. . . and have Star Citizen on the border, how does that all work ADK wise?  do I have to pick one or can I be in all that I find time to coordinate and attend?  I've read a bit, ok a lot on the page and forums and I'm still just kind of . . . wtf over. . . .I think the sheer number of people here blows my mind and makes me butter try'n to figure it out hahahaha HELP!





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Wow this is a long intro and I liked the bonus round it made me smile and it also gave me a grin that mu friends stared at me for because they thought I just went insane so that means it was very good. Welcome to the large family and make sure you kill someone ( in game ) for me! BTW nice to meet you hope you enjoy playing PS2 and all the other games you listed!

Edited by kecin25

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I'm going to try and answer your membership questions. I would suggest applying for the game that you play the most and have had interaction with the community via TS. That way when you apply you might already have the 10 hours in adk servers done as well as TS hours ( which is also 10 hours). Once you get the 20 constructive posts done and are accepted then you can add the ADK tags to all games that we sponsor here on the website. I hope this helps! If not you can always send me a private message via the website or come chat in TS!

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If you're interested in Star Citizen or want to know more, swing by our section of the forums or catch us on TeamSpeak (there's almost always at least one person in the Star Citizen channel!) Things are still a little slow in our section since we're all just kind of waiting for the game to happen, but the more people we have around to talk about it, the more interesting the wait will be!

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Is it true you've got a nice boulder outside your house?

a few :)  I'm in Ruby Hill the "suburb" (some call it LilMexico / DaBarrio, but it's a very nice area with some great parks and a river close by) . . . I can see Red Rocks and the mountains!


My parents, with whom we live (multi-generational household - mom,dad, me - wife, 11 yr old) . . . and my mom and dad are old school hahahaha, so we have lots of fun, fights and frantic moments as any family would :)


We also have a huge family in the area, spend a lot of time up in Boulder with my Uncle George whom is an elder at a Unity church he, his wife and a small group of friends built and operate . . . .


If ANYONE whom ever reads, interacts or shares this bind (that of ADK / Online) ever ends up anywhere near me and needs ANYTHING (help, a place to crash, someone to hang with, a weed connoisseur) . . . I'm here :)


this is what I see every day. .. 



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Thx guys, fun as always, you guys are work'n me out . . . that and the Phantom series, omg - it's never ending!


I'm starting to feel like moNStER!



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