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Geforce or Radeon ?

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I liked Radeon for the multi monitor support.  I did not like Radeon for the requirement to have an active display port adapter when using more than 2 monitors.  $30 each.


I just bought an Nvidia 970 because of the awesome price/performance.   Before that I ran 2 AMD cards and loved them.  I also love the Nvidia card too.   


Does this help? Probably not.  


I base my purchases off of TomsHardware Video Card Hierarchy.   


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Honestly I've never had issues with my 7970 cards. Not only did I use them for gaming and multi monitor, I also used them for script mining alt coins back in the day when it was profitable, the graphics cards are still chugging away 8 months later

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I personally believe it depends on which two cards you are comparing. I found that http://gpuboss.com/is a great tool for comparing the two cards you are looking at. I had my GT 9800 for around 7 years and it was still going fine. The R7 260 I just got, well I havent had enough time but it works and uses less wattage then the 9800.

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Any vendor you like in video boards, i use only asus and gigabyte the rest have too many downsides from my point of view, i would choose gigabyte for longer warranty generally 3 year for a gpu and asus for better and more often bios updates and better build quality sometimes.


As for chipset vendor, amd is nice and mantle even nicer bad they have bad game support and tons of compatibility problems, i would use an amd if i'd have no budget for something better. As for the best buy is the 970 nvidia best performance/price ratio for now.

So nvidia is the best chipset for gaming from a compatibility performance point of view anyhow.


And if you want oc, amd overclocks poorly or even if they overclock ok, the performance improvement is close to none, so again nvidia.


If you want more than one gpus again nvidia, amd has extremely little improvement in more than one gpu setups.


If you want a gpu for work, again nvidia has support almost in any graphics, math, rendering app, amd almost in none.


Oh and nvidia cuda offloads math from the cpu so physics work from the gpu too, so less stress on cpu. And most games use nvidia physics because they have one of the best physics engine.


Oh and who said an amd 280x is an nvidia780 equivalent is 'lying' and didn't use both or any of them (i can say because i used almost any gpu from any vendor because i make builds very often) :)) amd 280x OC is an nvidia 760/760 oc equivalent and actually even almost 2 times more power hungry, nvidia are the lowest on power usage and amd as usual even on cpu's allot more power hungry. With the downside with some vendor versions and chipset models on nvidia have a bit higher temperature.


So nvidia + intel for high end and amd for low end and budget limited. With a good gold or platinum psu an i5 and a 970 nvidia you get @ 100-300w power consumption in high usage and even as low as 30w on desktop use final intake with the power loss from the psu too in the calculations. Whatever would anyone do, someone should never use amd as cpu, only if is it's an apu series A, that is a great option for those who want the cheapest pc but want to play some light games too.

And a little tip for cpu if we spoke of amd too, in games i doesen't matter the cores number(threads), it matters the performance per core, that's why amd is not good for any gaming, 1 intel core is stronger than the entire amd cpu, that's why you get more fps in a stable environment.

So, whatever you would choose, always pick the ones that have most performance but they are in your budget limit, you can always compare video boards using public graphs of gpu performance for a general perspective when picking a performance part.

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