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      Battlefield F.A.Q. [Please Read]   04/18/2016

      After multiple questions coming up that were about the same topic we have decided to create a little F.A.Q regarding some of the most talked about topics. Please make sure you read EVERY question and answer. First thing's first, please use the search feature before you ask a question because it might have been answered already: CLICK HERE TO USE THE SEARCH FEATURE Q. I've been banned what do I do? A. Visit the "Ban Info" menu at the top of the page and click that appropriate link that relates to your ban. Then make sure you fill out the form properly after reading the guidelines to submitting a ban dispute Q. What do I do if someone is hacking? A. If you are in game you can report said individual using @report 'playername' REASON HERE If that doesn't help you, you can always submit a ban request by visiting the "Ban Info" menu at the top of the page and clicking the appropriate link Q. Can I submit a request for a new server, or a smaller special server? A. Sure but to put it bluntly most requests have been made already so rather than making a request that has already been made you should visit THIS LINK. That link talks about how we can go about getting more servers and what needs to be done to get those. Q. Well why don't you change some of the servers that you have now to those special servers? A. Because we have those servers as they are what stay full and are the easiest to keep populated. Just because 5 people like something doesn't mean that it's a smart option to keep a server that those 5 people think is a good server. Q. Why don't you change the ticket counts? A. Ok this is where you need to start realizing that the admins at ADK have been running servers for well over a combined 20 years if not more. We promise we're not going to do something that won't work and if we do happen to do that we have our admins making sure that we try to provide the best servers possible for as many people as possible. We love suggestions but when the suggestions are made that make us seem like we don't know what the heck we are doing that's when it's a little overboard. Again just because you and your buddies like something doesn't mean it's a great idea for a large gaming community as the server won't stay populated and pay for itself. We do want to start bringing more of those to the community, but please refer to the answer of the 3rd questions where a link was posted regarding different servers and how to make it happen. But to answer this question some, on certain servers like our BF3 TDM, it is meant to be a quick round server where you have a match that ends quickly. Some people don't want to play a round that goes on for 30 minutes, and a lot of people have enjoyed it. And again our admins do look at servers and how they are doing, but don't forget just because a few people want something doesn't mean everyone wants it. Q. How come I can't use explosives in a no explosives server but everybody else can? A. In actuality those individuals aren't supposed to either, but they are choosing to break the rules We are humans and unfortunately we aren't perfect to catch everyone. But our admins do the best that they can to be perfect and we have our auto admin in place for no explosives, but it comes down to rules are rules. If you choose to break them and you get in trouble, that is your fault and there is nobody else to blame. You can make reports and if admins aren't in the server they will go over them to see those who break the rules often and will deal with them. Just because an admin isn't in the server doesn't mean that we aren't looking at the reports. Q. Why don't you have servers that have multiple expansion maps on them? A. Because they are quite difficult to maintain unless you have people willing to be in the servers and make sure they are populated day in and day out. Please refer again to the link in the answer of the third question as this relates to that. If we have people who are going to make sure that these servers will indeed stay populated then possibly but so far we haven't been able to get that. In the past we've done B2K which a lot of people were begging for an it went nowhere. Q. There's someone cursing and using racist remarks in the server, why haven't they been banned? A. Because the reality of it is nobody will ever be happy, these are not remarks that you will see any admin using but we aren't going to police everybody and what they say. What one person might find offensive, the other person might not. So if we remove a few words then we'll need to remove all words that people find offensive. Now if the individual is spamming constantly and/or just being a troll about it you can always submit a ban request and let us know what was happening. Admins will then look over it to see what action needs to be taken. Q. Why don't you kick people who have a high ping? A. In reality high ping doesn't cause as many problems as a lot of people think. Admins have been talked to about how to handle something that is absurd but they will not kick someone with a 150 ping because people are complaining about them. We have members from all over the world and we're not going to limit what servers they play on. Someone's high ping to a server does not cause a server to lag. If the server is lagging it'll be everyone noticing it. BUT if there are only a few individuals who are complaining about lag, it's more than likely an issue with their connection to the server. The best thing to do would be do a tracert to the server, but most people don't want to believe that they might have an issue on their end or somewhere between their house and the server. And the reality is that there could be an issue that someone is seeing. There are plenty of posts about ping in the servers so feel free to do a search to look them up. Q. Why don't you just disable weapons that you can't use in the no explosive server? A. Don't you think we would have done that if it was possible? :) Q. Why can't I dispute a ban after 2 months? A. If people cared so much to play on our servers after a perma ban, they would come and dispute within the first 2 months. We feel 2 months is more than enough time to dispute a perma ban. Q. Why don't you have anything besides 64 slot servers? A. Again refer to the link in the answer to question number three. But long story short, it's not easy to keep small number servers populated as often as possible when we have as many servers as we do. Due to the fact that you could lose 15 people at a time in one game, there goes half the population of the server which could indeed empty the server. So if it's wanted we need people willing to put in the time and effort to do such and to make it so that there is always a queue for the servers. Q. Why does it seem like you guys get frustrated when people ask certain questions? A. Seriously though, it's because they are normally questions that have been answered multiple times and most of the time it appears that the question wasn't thought about in the manner of "Hey I wonder if anybody else has posted about this." Unlike Battlelog where things normally get hidden and admins don't respond, we do see pretty much 99% of everything that is posted without it getting lost because of the fact that we have admins for each particular section of the community. And those admins do make sure that we respond to topics where someone might have a question. So with that last question being answerd, please just take 10 seconds to browse the forums and search to see if your topic has been discussed before you go and make a post. If it's not too old or hasn't been answered feel free to leave your input but a lot of the same questions are coming up over and over. Ping, ping, ping, why can't I use explosives, ping, ping, can we have more servers, why can't we have these maps, why do you only have like 200 tickets on the TDM server, 64 players is a lot of people to have on a server, where are the expansion maps, why is this person using curse words and racist remarks and hasn't been banned yet. As always we do appreciate and ask for suggestions but most of the questions that we see over and over have been answered and could be answered for you by making a search on the forums. Thank you for your support of the community and as always we will continue to provide the best possible gaming experience on our servers for as many people in the world.
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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 

Battlefield 4 - R44 Patch - 11/18/2014

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There will be a patch tonight at Midnight which is The Final Stand patch.  It includes additional maps for that expansion which will be available to Premium Subscribers. 





If we find out any more information we will let you know.  Please keep all discussions for this patch to this topic to make it easier for everyone to discuss this update.  All other discussions will be locked with a link back to this topic. 

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Notes just got released: 
The following tweaks and fixes apply across all platforms. However, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC have a few unique fixes that you can find on the bottom of the post. 
This game update enables the Battlefield 4 Final Stand expansion pack. 
Tweaked the hit indicator speed to behave more like Battlefield 3. 
Fixed an issue where the hit indicator size for shooting an enemy player in the arms would be small, when it actually should be medium size. 
Added advanced gameplay options for customizing the hit indicator. 
Tweaked hit indicators: medium hit texture to better fit with small hit and headshot textures. 
Improved the hit indicator accuracy from vehicles when shooting enemy infantry. 
Made it clear in the in-game squad menu that a "Squad Join"-squad is not a private squad. 
Fixed an issue that prevented players from joining a rented server that was protected with a password. 
Added an option (under the advanced gameplay options menu) to toggle the Defensive Perk icon on spotted enemies and set it to be OFF by default now. This icon was originally added in the Fall Patch (September) and set to be always ON at the time.
Added fix for a water splash effect on players who were shot at after emerging from a dive. This usually occurred after the second time the player emerged. 
Fixed several issues with the underwater audio mixer for players who were diving and emerging several times in a row. 
Fixed the Battle Pickup respawn so that it will only respawn after its ammo has been depleted or the player carrying the Battle Pickup has been eliminated. 
Adjusted the terrain loading on China Rising maps to improve terrain during the start of the round. 
Fixed a case where in-game Battlelog would not show after signing out of a profile while on the rent a server store area. 
Fixed an issue where the TV missile HUD would be flickering on and off. 
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a graphical corruption at the bottom of the screen when flying a helicopter over water. 
Fixed a typo in the description of “Damaged Type Based Shape”-option in the gameplay options menu. “Hint” has been correctly changed to “hit”. 
Capture the Flag: Fixed duplicate flags being rendered when the flag is taken the instant it returns to the base. 
Capture the Flag: Fixed an issue where sometimes the flag would be rendering at an incorrect place, instead of on the player who is holding it. 
Fixed an issue where soldier weapon flashlights and lasers would render on vehicle-mounted weapons. 
Cleaned up the reticle icons and thickened the lines to make them read more clearly. 
Changed friendly fire to be OFF in the "Classic" rent a server options preset. 
Updated the new advanced HUD option descriptions where “Friendly” was sometimes incorrectly referenced to as "Enemy". 
Fixed an issue where knifing a player with the "4th Floor" dog tag would display a blank dog tag. 
Updated the holo sight shader to better render against bright backgrounds like snow. 
Updated vehicle HUD colors and shaders to be more visible vs bright backgrounds. 
Fixed an instance where the HUD for the RAWR would get extremely blurry and fuzzy when looking at certain surfaces. 
Fixed an issue that could cause Battle Pickups to sometimes sink into the ground when dropped. Players should now be able to pick them up without any problems. 
Fixed an issue where players who left vehicles could kill teammates or themselves by launching the vehicle at them and exiting it. Player can still kill enemies this way and is now correctly awarded points if killing them. 
Fixed an issue with the M18 Smoke functionality, where the smoke would only be visible for the players who stayed on top of the grenade. 
Fixed an issue with the Desert Eagle muzzle flash. 
Added extra smoke emitters to both M320 and M18 to decrease the smoke spawn time. 
Tweaked the XM25 Airburst smoke. 
Fixed cameras that were not correctly pointing at the flags. This change affects Commander Mode in Conquest Large on the Sunken Dragon map. 
Updated Medic bag so that it does not heal soldiers who are suppressed or underwater 
Operation Locker 
Fixed an instance where players would see a floating cardboard box, after destroying the boxes below it. 
Hainan Resort 
Fixed a small step that the player is forced to jump over west of the Resort, at the small building next to the empty pool. 
Rush: Fixed an invisible collision north from the bus station that stopped projectiles and bullets. 
Siege of Shanghai 
Fixed occluder issue present after destroying a wall on the north side of the building situated at the D point. 
Fixed an issue with an invisible wall on the corner of the Statue, south of flag D. 
Conquest Large: Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck in the out of gameplay area if he/she jumps the walls in the southwest area of the CN base. 
Defuse: Fixed an issue with some of the sand boxes colliding with the sidewalk margins in the northeast part of the map. 
Flood Zone 
Conquest Small: Fixed an issue where the roof of a wooden shack is left floating after it gets destroyed. 
Lumphini Garden 
Domination: Fixed an issue where the user would clip through the dirt pile in the southwest part of the map while prone. 
Rush: Fixed an issue where the user would clip through the mud next to the bridge between the US base and M-COM A of the second pair of M-COMs. 
Rush: Fixed a graphical corruption that affected some of the water, causing sharp edges. 
Conquest Large: Fixed an issue that prevented players from vaulting over some of the red fences, in the area near the dam. Players should now be able to vault over the fences without any problems. 
Fixed some instances where wall junctions were not correctly aligned, leaving small vertical holes between textures on some walls. 
Fixed a graphical issue underneath one of the bridges close to the construction site. 
Fixed an issue with the dirt pile floating under the bridge, near the construction site. 
Conquest Large: Fixed an issue with grass clipping through pavement north of flag A. 
Conquest Large: Fixed an issue with plants appearing to be floating after their stand gets destroyed. 
Conquest Large: Fixed an issue with a missing texture in the mudslide in the southeast corner of the map. 
Pearl Market 
Conquest Small: Fixed an issue where missing textures made it possible for players to see between a wall and the floor, south of flag C. 
Domination: Fixed an occluder issue on one of the buildings situated near flag B. 
Chain Link: Fixed an issue where the switch for roll-up gates was floating in mid-air. 
Conquest Large: Fixed a clipping issue near flag A. 
Fixed an issue where pallets would float in the air after destroying the pallets underneath them. 
Team Deathmatch: Fixed a clipping issue inside a building located near the road in the north part of the map. 
Rush: Fixed an issue where a wheel cart with supplies was floating on the road near M-COM B from the second set of M-COMs. 
Sunken Dragon 
Chain Link: Fixed an issue with an invisible collision present at a window in the parking lot, west from the capture point D. 
Fixed an issue with invisible collision near the entrance of the parking garage located in the southwest corner of the map. 
Fixed an issue with cracks/holes in the garage, which allowed players to see through them. 
Fixed an issue that prevented players from breaking the glass in the bus stop with a melee attack. 
Fixed an issue with Z-fighting on the Floodgate ground. 
Fixed an issue with Skyscraper seams which allowed players to see outside of the map boundaries. 
Fixed an issue where the metal rails near the lake at sector E were misaligned. 
Fixed an issue where a water texture was floating above the ramp leading towards the US base. 
Fixed a color issue on the underside of tourist boats. 
Fixed an issue where the player could encounter an incorrect animation when climbing a ladder near the north bridge. 
Fixed an invisible collision under the Sea Dragon. 
Fixed an issue with the handrail that was clipping through the bridge near flag B. 
Fixed an issue that prevented the player from vaulting over the bar outside one of the sentry boxes near flag D. 
Fixed an instance where major occlusion would occur after a player destroyed the vegetation northeast of the big parking lot. 
Fixed a collision issue on the broken section of the restaurant on the second floor. 
Fixed an issue with the top step at the US flag location that forced players to jump over it. 
Fixed a destruction issue with the restaurant advertisement sign. 
Metro 2014: Fixed an area that could be used to get outside of the map and shoot other players. 
Operation Locker: Tweaking added collision to the railing at the panopticon area, further blocking some players from using the balcony as an exploit 
Lumphini Garden: Fixed an exploit that made it possible to use the MAV to spawn in on a friend to end up outside the map boundaries. 
Lumphini Garden: Fixed an exploit that allowed players to end up below the subway station. 
Lumphini Garden: Fixed an exploit in Conquest Small that allowed players to shoot through a small unintended opening in a wall. 
Hainan Resort: Fixed an exploit where players were able to go outside of the map and shoot at enemies. 
Pearl Market: Fixed an exploit where a player could see through a part of the building situated near the bus. 
Fixed an issue that allowed players to spawn into vehicles before the lockdown timer in the beginning of a round reached zero.
Corrected errors in zeroing/velocity for L96, 338 Recon, and SR338. All had zeroing/muzzle velocity problems. All these weapons now zero correctly. 
Using a FLIR/IRNV scope no longer cancels out the blinding effects of a Flashbang. 
Corrected the description text of an advanced aim sensitivity option to mention 3X scopes (like the ones for .44 Magnum and M1911 pistols) 
Fixed a bug where you would sometimes lose the effect of the FLIR/IRNV after spawning in. 
Fixed an issue with the 1st person animations of MP412 and SW40 pistols deploying while sprinting. 
Fixed an animation issue with the M26 shotgun mounted under the M416. 
Fixed clipping issues on 3rd person reloads for Mk11, SCAR and SR338. 
Fixed the foregrip position on 3rd person for MTAR21. 
Fixed a sprint pose issue with several 1st person rifle animations. 
Fixed handle animation of U-100 being removed when certain attachments were equipped. 
Tweaked the camera to be less disruptive of player aim during the reload animation of M1014. 
Fixed pose mismatch that led to magazine drifting after the reload animation for the M39EBR had been completed. Removed the latch mesh from the magazine as well. 
Fixed a pose mismatch at the end of the reload animation for the M416. 
Fixed an issue with the SKS bolt clipping through the weapon when firing. Also fixed the left hand position. 
Added a reload interrupt branch for the M320. 
Fixed an animation issue with 3rd person quick throws. 
Added a fix that allows plug-n-play controllers to be recognized even if they are connected after the game has been launched. 
Added the ability to reposition the network performance overlay graph. 
PlayStation 3 
Fixed an issue in single player where the PLD gadget didn’t properly highlight enemies. 
To improve the performance on Lancang Dam in the Obliteration game mode, we removed the attack boats and jets. 
PlayStation 4 
Fixed an issue where the parachute camouflage would switch back to default if the player quits the game via the “Close Application” option in the PSN Menu. 
Fixed an issue in single player where the PLD gadget didn’t properly highlight enemies. 
Xbox One 
Fixed an issue where the class loadout would not save if the player quits the server while in game or at the end of round screen. 
Fixed an issue where a player is not taken into a session after accepting an invite while the server browser is accessed from the Squad Join menu. 
Fixed a crash that could occur when signing out from the lead profile while playing multiplayer. 
Updated displayed pricing for EA Access users. 
Fixed an issue where servers did not recognize more than 50 unlocks and therefore some players never got assignments, dog tags and other unlocks when they should have. 
Fixed an issue where some users had problems with a Battlelog message stating "You do not own this content". 
On rented servers, admins are now able to edit the amount of players needed to start a game.
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