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Star Citizen. Is it everything I ever hoped for!?

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Hello members and friends alike, new to the star citizen section of ADK but I've been following the game since I first heard of the title.


I have some brief questions I've come to ask you all about the game and I've checked out a couple things but I havent the time to resrearch everything. I am an old player of EVE online as well as StarWar galaxies both had great ship/fighter craft ideas.


1. Does anyone exactly know when StarCitizen will be released or is it just ETA 2014 for now?


2. Can you walk around the ships like in StarWars Galaxies jump to light speed and repair damages or load ammo? 


3. What exactly will make this game significant other than its stylish graphics. 


4. Is it an MMO or more like multiple server based multiplayer rather than several massive servers? 



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1) ETA is more like 2016 for the finished game.


2) Yes


3) It's an open sandbox world


4) Yes but do to the intense graphics requirements there will be testing to see what a feasible max number of players per instance will be, right now the rough number I believe is 100 per instance.


Disclaimer: I haven't been keeping as up to date on star citizen since I started Archeage so some info may be dated.

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1) Right now (for a price) you can play the basic dogfight module with a hand full of single seater ships.
Early next year there will be a new module for fps gameplay.
mid next year they will add a social module with planetside locations to explore and interact, as well as an expansion of the dogfighting module to having multi-crew ships and the fps gameplay combined.
End of 2015 should see the first chapter of the single player game released, and the planetside component merged into the dogfight module, creating the alpha version of the MMO universe.
Then in 2016 we get other chapters of the singleplayer and upgrades to the MMO until it's all done.

2) Yes, this will also include FPS, EVA, and boarding/takeover gameplay.

3) The fact there are no levels and skills to your character, just how good you can fly/shoot.

4) There will be a central server universe, but also private servers for modding etc. The main server will get new content and have hidden secrets not available for private servers. There will be some instancing when it gets too crowded, but the exact mechanics are still in progress

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Kraven pretty much said it all. The game is partially out, but in definite "pre-alpha" state. It's still fun and cool, but go into it expecting bugs. If you don't like that sort of thing, Chris Roberts (the head) would prefer you to hold off supporting the game, so that you don't burn yourself out before it lives up to expectations.


The walking around the ship is already in place in the hangar module. The whole game is designed to be along the lines of "You are a person in the universe," so it's all FPS-ish. That is, you don't have a third-person view of your ship, but rather you see it as the pilot. You can stand up and jog laps for all the game cares! (Just might not want to do it while in the middle of an asteroid field! ^.^) As for loading ammo, that sort of thing will mostly be applicable to larger multi-crew craft (for instance, the Retaliator bomber ship will probably need someone to load its primary ordnance), not your single-man fighters.


What'll make it significant is the level of detail and immersion factor. It's not like you have a damage bar that goes from 100->0 and that's it. You can take damage to specific parts of your ship which'll affect you (for instance, if I shoot out one of the maneuvering thrusters, the others will try to compensate but it'll be slower, since the game's actually simulating and calculating how a "real" ship would act). Another standout factor is the large persistent universe with great economic goals. The game is designed as a simulation, so if a blockade of a world that makes certain ship components is enacted, it may take longer for other ships to be built, raise the price of those goods, etc. All this is just scratching the surface of what the game's standout features will be.


For the multiplayer, it's a sort of hybrid MMO/smaller server deal. That is, everyone is essentially a part of one large persistent universe, but you will only interact with so many people at once. There'll be a PvP slider where you can toggle the level of PvP you're interested in (from mostly (not entirely) dealing with NPC AI ships and little PvP to more full-blown PvP). The goal is that if you have your PvP slider set to max, there could be engagements of ~100 ships (or players, or something, the details are still being worked out). So while in theory thousands of players may, say, hang around Earth, you'd only engage with a limited number of them at any given time. Once the technology is more fleshed out we'll know more.


One last thing I'll mention: I've not played Eve myself (or rather, for more than about a half-hour), but I know many people regard it as a "spreadsheet" game. That is, you could calculate just how many of X craft are needed to take out Y ship. That won't be the case in Star Citizen. As Kraven mentioned, it all comes down to how well you do your job. I suppose in theory, if you were a really good pilot in the smallest ship (say, ~11m long) up against the universe's dumbest player in a Bengal carrier (over 1000m long), you could win, unlike how I imagine Eve works. So the two games won't be comparable at all in terms of combat.

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Sounds great. I've been dying for a good space sim since I played Dead Space. Just the whole space idea and the ships really appealed to me. A feeling i didnt have since SWG. I hope it lives up to the Hype.


Sometimes I feel like the head developer is just taking too much on for a space sim project but then I remember how much backing and support it has received since I first heard of it. 


Also extremely excited to hear about the occulus rift compatibility. 

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