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I have decided i want too rank.
Yet at times ranked makes me so angry.
I don't rank with stranger's because i need someone i know with me.
Yet when i rank all of the things i know about my champ run away and im left failing.
But it's not too say that rank's too blame.
I just lose focus during ranked. 

Once you play one champ for so long.
It gets annoying playing others.
Well for me,That is.

I love kat so much that i play her more than others.
Sometimes i'm great sometimes i forget what a friends been teaching me.

But i also know i have a very slim chance of not being counter picked 

when  i host  the game,And possibly when i end up as second or third.

Therefor i need other champs to play in mid.

But i also need new champs for my adc role
Since i am currently trying to learn all roles better.

Any suggestions ??

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@[member='Poisoned Curse']


When you really know a champion, and can play them like a boos. 

Counter picks aren't really something to worry about. I mean yes, there are some champions that will destroy you. 

However if you know that their champion counters you. farm by your turret until the jungle comes. Work closely with the jungle and you can pull out a win.

Now as for needing more champions, honestly when there is someone you think looks cool, or have wanted to try, or even have never tried, free that week try them.

Eventually you will find a champion you are good with.

Same with the adc roles.

Try Vayne, or Lucian. They are both very powerful.

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For learning the ADC role, Ashe is probably the safest ADC in my honest opinion and the strongest ADC late game. Always has been and most likely always will be. Late game, you can kill even a tank before your ultimate stun wears off. Vayne and Lucian are good picks too, like Samiikinz said, but they are what are called Hyper carries... Meaning they are harder to play but are very strong if you do well with them.

As for more champ choices in mid, If you are only just starting, I'd suggest champions like Ziggs to learn skill shots, Ahri to learn positioning and Swain to learn patience or finding the right moment to strike. Those the champions i learnt mid but now i play more Twisted fate AP mid, Kassadin and LeBlanc but those are reasonably difficult mids to play.

Mainly just play, Like Samii said before me, you learn best by playing champions you enjoy more than whats the best champions in the lanes. For example, Akali isn't picked very often but absolutely owned one of the Pro league grand final matches in the Global LCS. Though the player has said in an interview that he absolutely loves to play her due to her unique play style even if she isn't in the "Must play" category.

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@[member='Joey'] I wouldn't really call lucian a hyper carry, he doesn't have the power, surprise and range of twitch, the speed and the three shot thingy of Vayne, or the passives of Kog, he just kinda has a little raw power burst at the beginning of the game that allows him to spiral.

Also isn't ashe a hyper carry because of her crit passive and slow?

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I wouldn't call her a hyper carry, she's a very passive adc. At no point does her damage spike, her main advantage is her slows and her global ulti. She has to be the easiest adc to gank due to her general slow movement speed. Her passive makes her easy to learn how to last hit, which is a plus and her E gives extra gold per minion which is good for new players to help keep them in the game.
I guess you can't call Lucian a hyper carry, he sucks majorly end game. My mistake. Can't remember what was on my mind at the time. Edited by Joey

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Lucian and Vayne are my best adcs.

Though Vayne is much stronger late game than Lucian.

Normally I would say Quinn, but I play her top lane rather than in bot.

Though Quinn is a pretty good adc as well, but she is  easily countered :c

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