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A survivor trying to survive a survival game called Dayz

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I met a player in Dayz once. He held me up at gunpoint then forced me to take things that would help me survive. We adventured together and I learned a great deal from him before we both got shot in our heads.

Dayz can be more than team deathmatch and killing on sight. it could be about teaming up and killing zeds. Helping people. Holding people up for there beans and never shooting them.

Despite how many times i get killed while only owning a can of beans i will hold ever vigilant in my dream of finding TRUE survivors.

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Hello everyone! I have been playing on overpoch but its too much shoot everyhting on site pvp for no reason so i thought i'd move to epoch but i'm having problems loading it from dayzcommander. something about missing files so i'm looking into that.

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welcome to the forums jungle fellow bandit bait. i remember my first dayz memory like it was yesterday; it started off normally as i joined a large server and began traipsing about without a care in the world what might happen if a group of trolls suddenly appeared. surely enough the trolls appeared outfitted with all of the goodies masks, clown masks, camo suits, shiny guns, not so shiny guns, and the one guy who was obviously new because he was holding a fire axe and was in his unders. the one in the front holding back a laugh asked me to take off my pants; i let out a loud sigh and quit the server.

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