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How is the game and would you suggest buying it?

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I have seen quite a few things for star citizen and before I go shelling out any money like I usually do for the things I am interested in, I am wondering if you all believe that the game is worth it.  From what I understand the game is still in beta, is there a free option at all?

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It's nowhere near beta, it's barely an alpha. Unless you're a die hard space sim fan or something there's no real huge draw to back this game right now, unless you want to buy the $45 full game now so you don't have to pay $60 for it two yrears from now when it actually comes out..


That being said, if you ARE a space sim fan (Wing Commander, Freelancer, Privateer, FreeSpace, X-wing) it's shaping up to be the best game of all time forever.



There is no free option at the moment but they have run free preview events in the past. If you want to get a feel for the game check out some youtube/twitch videos of Arena Commmander (the current pre-alpha module)

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Yup, Kraven nailed it. The game is in pre-alpha. Chris Roberts (the head) said that we get access to the game before he would normally even send it to testers in the "regular" publishing world.


They're releasing the game slowly in modules. First, we got the hangar module. That put the ships (those that are finished, well, "finished") in a hangar which you could move around in and see what they look like and ooo and aaah. Next, they released the dogfighting module. I'll admit, I've not actually tried that bit yet (I know I need to upgrade my computer for this game to get the most out of it, but I'm holding off until it's closer to release so I can get better value for my money). Soonish we'll get the FPS module, later the planet side module, and so on.


If you're looking to support the BDSSE (best damn space sim ever) and aren't too worried about what's offered right now, I'd go ahead and pledge. This would be knowing that you're not seeing a finished product, and that there will be issues. If you'd rather wait, that's fine. Chris in some ways would rather you do wait if that's your feeling so that you don't get burned on an unfinished product and then never get to see his final vision.


Me...I've spent way too much on it, but I'm really looking forward to everything that's to come! It's going to be great!

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I'm neither a die hard space sim fan, nor a sim fan, I do however have a ton everytime I get in star citizen. As others have said it's pre-alpha, there are modules out but they may have bugs, you may have crashes, stuff may not be optimized, but the more people that play the more bugs get found and the more stuff gets fixed. I've had a lot of fun with it so far, and don't regret spending the $120 or so dollars I have so far on it.

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