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My name is Shilea - Come with me if you want to live (or at least die in interesting ways)

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So here is what im seeing in this post....Kill jack and take his tags...kill jack and weep tears of joy, kill jack and form a party to kill jack - I'm starting to see a pattern here

You are a wise one to see patterns forming...It shall be even more interesting when those patterns are covering your eyes in red...

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@[member='JacknifeJones'] you are our enemy, *beep*
Booting system....... OK
Starting Assasin runtime.....OK
Getting Target....... Malfunction
Target details:
Name: Jacknifejones
Age: unknown
Sex: Male
Location: unknown
Orders: Kill -> Get his tags -> tbag -> repeat
*beep boop buup*

J/k mate we lova ya!

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That skydiving part caught my attention. Are you an active member of a sky dive club? I've jumped out of airplanes alot as well, that exhilaration and adrenaline rush is unparallel.

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