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Introduction of ReVerb

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So as always for anything you do in life when with others you introduce yourself. My first name is Jason, im a proud Canadian who by chance loves to play videos games mainly FPS's. I used to be an active member during BF3 for the ADK community but then just  got busy with things in life and have returned recently again for BF4 since it's nice to talk and play with people. My in game name for most things is ReVerb but I do have my own account for minecraft which I play from time to time (IOwnTheInternet). I do occasionally rage when some rubber banding happens it drives me up the wall but apart from that im a nice guy who loves playing with people! If you have anymore questions about me feel free to ask me them!

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Hello @ReVerb

I am a BattleField 4 Advisor and I would like to Welcome you to the =ADK= Forums! We have teamspeak (adkgamers.com) if haven't all ready jumped in and get to know the crew of the game that you are playing. Once again  Welcome to =ADK= and if you have any question feel free to hit up your advisors or admins for any help!

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