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Hi, I'm Crash.
I live in London and I play a lot of PC games. I'm also interested in programming. I enjoy FPSs, and I also like strategy games, for example Civilisation 5. I have a pet Chinchilla http://i.imgur.com/Cw5hV9r.jpg who chews all my books. Speaking of books, I'm an avid reader. I'm currently working my way through the ASOIF series, and planning on reading Dune next. In school one of my favourite subjects (second to Computer Science) is German. I can speak a little, so I might be able to make basic communication with some of the German =ADK= members!
I found =ADK= because I found myself playing on one of your Battlefield 4 servers. After playing on it for a few hours, I decided to check out the Teamspeak, where I received a warm welcome (thanks guys!).
I'm just about to go to sleep. I'm looking forward to playing with some of you tomorrow! Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to the community!

I've always wanted to visit London. I consider you a lucky guy! XD

Someday we should play some Sid Meier's Civilization 5! That'll be sweet!

Anyways, welcome to our community and I hope to see you on our TeamSpeak server; along with our battlefield 3 and battlefield 4 servers! :)

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@[member='Crash'] and burn... lol 


Welcome to the forums! See you on the Battlefield. Join us on the teamspeak server. Speaking of reading. Keep on you need 17 more posts on the forums! :-)


Also check out our raffle at http://www.adkgamers.com/raffles/raffle/2-10000-member-donation-giveaway-gaming-pc/ for 20.00 get a chance at a nice gaming pc!



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