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The "1 Stop Shop Post", all the Wildstar needs are here.

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Yo Wildstar,

I doing this post to consolidate all the valuable information such as websites, forums, and other useful and helpful tools we use to make WIldstar just that much better. Please do not stop posting topics about Wildstar such as Addon's, Tactics, Walk through's, AMP and Talent builds, and other useful info. I will add it to this post as a direct link to that topic making it easy for everyone to find instead of taking 30 minutes looking for a certain post.


Chief Scarcan Crafting Breakdown.
The quick and easier version of the top post.

This is a must look at if you really want to understand how the Crafting system works.

Xencor's Rune crafting guide, EXTREMELY useful!




Classes, Crafting, and Attunement Quick Guide


AMP and Talent Builders Websites
Also see these posts

Mukugrim's Best in Class form post and guides!

Panthera's Gearing up for raids!

Xencor's DPS Theorycrafting


Engineer DPS Video


AMP and Talent Builder. I found this very useful when it came to building my toon. It will save you Platinum and Gold in the long run, believe me.

Quest, Challenge, Path quest, Adventure, and Dungeon Guides

The following are websites with guides galore.
Also see these posts

Thal's guide to quick and efficient Dailies in Northern Waste.

Tips and Tricks to leveling fast!

Mukugrim's AMP locations!

End level attunement guide!

Rocker's all you need to know about being level 50!

Rocker's Achieving Gold/Silver in Dungeon's and Adventures!

Remmy's Time killers (all about achievements)!


These websites will give you guides to Dungeons, Adventures, and quests. Very useful if you get stuck on something and you need to find out how to finish it. The posts also help with the quests, dailies, and raid attunement.

Add-on's Websites
Also see this post

Bulldozer's 10 "Must have" Wildstar addon's!

Add-on's just make your game play a little better. I believe that everyone should as least give this one a look at, if not anything.

Authenticator and etc.

Ockavo's 2 step Authenticator!

Wildstar Signature Generator!


Good info on the Authenticator and how to set it up.

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I just started playing a few days ago. Thanks for putting together this list! It will be really helpful.

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Yeah, no problem. Even though I don't play anymore, let me know of there other info, sites or video's that you thin are helpful to the masses. I will add them to the list.

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I will leave this topic pinned since it still has valid info, and the links work. If anyone has anything new to add please post it and ill add it.

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