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Fallen Angel Flight Training ( Warning Nostalgia only)


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Ok i was digging up some old ADK stuff and found the old Fallen Angels flight training. This was last updated in 2014 so im sure nothing is up to date with current game mechanics.



Fallen Angels Air Wing 

Basic Information


Who we are:

We are a Wing of dedicated pilots that specialize in every aircraft to adapt to multiple situations.


Current Squadron Members:

-Wing Commander / CO: Chucker4

-Squadron Lead(s): Spyderbyte88, 

-Flight Lead(s): MacheteV, Corsec

-Air Trainer(s):  http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/46765-air-training-group-information-updated-jan-28/

-Registered Pilot(s):  Arrelito, volcuda, name.rejected, revan, armyf35



We offer Group training and one-on-one specialized training upon request. Ask one of our Air Trainers or Admins, a complete list of all Training Staff can be found here: http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/46765-air-training-group-information-updated-jan-28/


We hold a Bi-Weekly training event on the Test Server to teach basic techniques and some advanced classes such as: Basic Loadouts, How to Break a Ground or Air Lock, What is the Difference between a R&R and a MR&R and How to Dogfight.


For more info on our training event please visit: http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/47891-adk-fallen-angels-air-squad-training-event/


For anyone who wants to try out a Reaver in solo flight here is a good list of Reaver flight videos for you to watch: http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/45403-planetside-2-flight-tutorial/


Recommended Flight keybinds: 

-Vehicle Eject: [E] by default. You will need to rebind this somewhere around your [J] key. This prevents you from accidentally ejecting when attempting to reload.


-Throttle Analog: You’ll want to bind this to your [E] key. This makes you stop almost instantly -- allowing quick braking and maneuvers.


-Pitch Up and Pitch Down: If you have a mouse with two buttons on your thumb side you should set them to Pitch Up and Pitch Down. Bind Pitch Down to [Q] otherwise.


Basic Reaver Setups:


-Nose Cannon: You can use the stock M20 but try the Vortek Rotary as your first nose cannon upgrade.


-Wing Mount: The Breaker Rocket Pods will be the best starter wing mounts; they are lethal against infantry and armor alike. 


-Utility Slot: Fire Suppression is the way to go. When you are on fire you can put yourself out without having to land for repairs.


-Defense Slot: Nanite Auto-Repair. It lets you automatically heal after a short time when you're not taking damage.


-Performance Slot: Hover Air Stability Frame is best for beginner pilots. It allows your airbrake to stop you faster, improves turning and provides better hover fighting.


Playing the Reaver:

The reaver is a deadly weapon to use at your discretion. It is effective at close-range battles (30 - 200M rather than 200 - 400M).


Stay close to your enemies; although you might take more damage you will dish out more as long as you're equipped with the Vortek or M20. 


Nose Guns:

--M20 (Default): The M20 is the weapon you'll want if you desire more range and pinpoint accuracy.


--Vortek Rotary: The Vortek is a close-range killer that is still capable of damaging at 100M.


--M30 (Air Hammer): The Air Hammer is a very close-range shotgun. While doing a ton of damage up close it will do almost nothing at ranges exceeding 125M. It can be devastating if used correctly to take an ESF down quickly. Certing this weapon's Mag Size before use is advised.


--Kestrel: The Kestrel emits a very distinct sound while being fired. While having a starting Magazine Capacity of 95, this weapon’s damage output is low. It’s the most expensive Reaver Primary. The only reason to equip it is for the capacity.



--Breaker Pods: This weapon is perhaps the most useful against ground targets. Specializing in CAS (Close Air Support), these feature 12 dumbfire rockets to use at your disposal. Very effective against Soft targets, Armor and slow-moving aircraft. Relatively useless against ESFs.


--Coyote Missiles: This weapon is effective at Anti-Air (AA) as it fires six dumb fire rockets. These rockets are heat-seeking to other air vehicles if aimed properly.


--Tomcat Missiles: These are very strong if used correctly. They are a lock and forget weapon, allowing you to shoot from a greater distance. Keep in-mind these are easy to dodge.


--Hornet Missiles: Hornet Missiles are laser-guided, meaning wherever you look your missiles will follow. Once fired you must keep your crosshair on target until the missiles hit.


--External Fuel Tanks: These make your afterburners recharge faster. Not the most useful secondary.



--Engagement Radar: This will spot enemy aerial vehicles within the range listed, it will also direct you with an arrow on your hud. Max is 600M. It’s not recommended to Cert this as a new pilot.


--Scout Radar: This will auto-spot enemy ground within a predefined range. Level two of this parked under a Biolab will spot everyone. This is not recommended to use either.


--Vehicle Stealth: Reduces (or eliminates at max level) your Reaver’s appearance on the Enemy’s mini-map. Causes incoming lock-ons to take longer.


--Ejection System: Gives the Galaxy Drop to the Reaver. You will not take damage from ejecting. This isn’t useful for anything the Fallen Angels are interested in. It’s also expensive.


--Decoy Flares: Gets rid of all lock-ons. They’re best used against ground and are second only to Fire Suppression.


--Fire Suppression: Fire suppression does plenty more than the name would suggest. It repairs you quickly and on demand -- while the first level only goes up to about 6%, fully Certing this will instantly heal 25%. There are two tiers to the Fire Suppression; one will extinguish the Reaver instantly if on fire, the second will repair fast over a short period.


--Nanite Auto Repair: As the name suggests it auto repairs you, however it will only do it after a given time of taking no damage. This is longer than 10 seconds at the early levels. The max upgrade for this will heal you as much as a level 1 Engineer’s Repair Tool.


--Composite Armor: Used for taking more flak. You will be able to sit in an Area of Operations (AO) for a longer time and blow more infantry out of the water. However, you won’t be able to auto repair meaning you will have to land to get your health back.


--Hover Airframe: We recommend this for beginning dogfighters to the most experienced pilots. It allows you to keep tabs on your target at all times and inflict massive damage.


--Dogfight Airframe: Dogfight can be used for making your rolls and turns quicker. Increasing your flight sensitivity will do relatively the same thing, making this almost useless. We do not recommend using this.


--Racer Airframe: Used for gun runs primarily, this increases top speed of both standard flight and the afterburner. Situationally useful.


Basic Terms:

Before joining an air squad:


-R&R: Regroup and Resupply - a safe zone that Squad Leaders will designate. Set your personal waypoint there for reference until a new R&R is established. 


-MRR: Mobile Regroup and Resupply - a mobile safezone to heal and get more ammo. It is a grouping of two Sunderers (one Ammo and one Repair). We prefer the Sundies to have a Walker and a Bulldog. We need at least one Skyguard to protect the spot from enemy ESFs.


-AO: Area of Operation - the location we will be operating in (Destroying tanks and ESFs and ground-pounding infantry).


How to Become a Registered Pilot:

Fly with us on a regular basis and take a basic knowledge test from our current Wing Commander: @Chucker4 and our current Squadron Leader: @Spyderbyte88


Reaver Air-to-Ground


Recommended Loadouts:

Nose Cannon:

-Vortek Rotary: (Armor)

-M30 (Air Hammer): (Infantry)


Wing Mount: 

-Breaker Rocket Pods:(Armor/Infantry) Fires multiple rockets, each doing 600 damage. (Thermals)

-Hornet Missiles: (Armor) Fires two laser-guided rockets, each doing 1800 damage up to 400m (Zoom)



-Fire Suppression: (Heavy Flak)

-Decoy Flares: (Heavy G2A Locks)



-Composite Armor: (Flak)

-Nanite Auto Repair: (G2A/Flak)



-Racer: (Breaker Pods)

-Hover: (Hornet Missiles/Breaker Pods)


Methods of Bombardment:

-Gun Run: A very fast method of bombarding, great for slow-moving targets while you’re close to the ground. This method allows for a quick salvo of rockets to be fired and maybe even a few rounds from an Air Hammer. When approaching: identify your target, line him up and press your mouse button. Once you’ve passed over him, quickly ignite your afterburners and get away, typically over a mountain as at this point you might have flak coming your way.


-Dive Bombing: A method used to hit targets where they cannot hit you back. Get high above them, angle down and let the missiles ignite and blow the hell out of your enemy. Once you’ve fallen to a height the enemy might be able to hit you from it’s time to pull up and fly back to your line. Keep in mind if they have a Skyguard or turret in close proximity you need to get out of the area ASAP once you’ve hit your target.


-Hover Bombing: Great for suppression of a small area, allows for more accurate shots. Once you hit enough infantry or whittle down a tank it’s time to get going as you’ll have all sorts of flak coming your way, if you haven’t already.


Reaver Air-to-Air


Dogfight Utilities:

-Nanite Auto Repair

-Fire Suppression

-Hover Airframe



We will not go into detail about the maneuvers in text, it is almost impossible to explain them effectively. The best way we can teach you is by example. Here are some resources to get you started: 


-Banking Turn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X35Z89AeCBU

-Barrel Roll Turn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHaazeYrADY

-Reverse Maneuver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZxrvXzkit8


It’s best that you learn these and begin to perform them in combat; practice makes perfect.



-Leading your target: Learning to do this quickly and easily is going to be your main offensive asset. It is crucial to learn this fully and perform it easily. 


-Anticipating movement: A more experienced pilot will be a lot harder to predict than a less experienced one. The reason for this is they will usually use all possible ways to avoid getting hit by you. If you do manage to hit them they might change course quickly to break your lead. Do Not let this deter you -- many pilots are not experienced -- you will get plenty of kills.


Staying alive:

-Staying with ground forces: Flying over where you have ground forces under you will be a large deterrent for enemy fighters. Enemies will be aware that they will be flying into at least one ground lock and maybe a Skyguard.


-Flying with a buddy or team: Going around with a team or even just a buddy will boost your survivability by a large margin. More guns pointed at an enemy air unit overwhelms them with force.


-Situational awareness: Staying aware of your surroundings is key to staying alive. An enemy ESF might drop on you at any moment. Keep in mind your elevation and surrounding terrain (trees are bullshit).


Key binding:

-DPI Switch (If Possible): This is optional since not all mice have the ability; if yours does then bind it to a key on your mouse and use it to do quick rolls and turns crucial to dogfighting.


Advanced Dogfight Tactics:

-Vertical and Horizontal avoidance: An easy way to keep on top of your target and to break their lead is to ensure you two are never operating on the same axis. Try to go horizontal if he goes vertical and vice versa.


-Changing your flight path: Once your enemy has a lead on you the number one priority is breaking it. Change your flight path, use your afterburners to go faster and throw off their lead or air brake/descend.


-Unpredictable movement: Also called wiggling. This ensures you are a hard target to hit, rolling back and forth is a simple example.


-Minimizing Hitbox: Keep the enemy in your crosshairs to show them a smaller hitbox and keep a bead on them at all times. Your survivability will go up massively if you master this.


Test Server Practicing:

-Test Server General: The Test Server is the place many pilots go to train. Many of the pilots there are experienced and provide a tough fight.


-Test Server Link & Download: https://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/index.php?threads/read-first-test-server-policies-download-link.114038/


-Test Server Dogfighting Basics: When in the Test Server be aware of other pilots. Unless they shoot at you unprovoked leave them alone. If you would like to go up against them kindly ask in a yell if one of them would like to dogfight you. 


-Test Server Dogfighting Battles: Most of these battles play the same way; you cross each other and then do a reverse maneuver to turn around and start shooting. You continue until one of you is on fire and then stop shooting. If you're on the receiving end use Fire Suppression when in the red.


Last updated 3/2/14

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Jeebus... that is ancient archaeological stuff.... Shivers down my spine reading some of that and those names...   I remember my kids Ajax and Kpt Rice (and our buddy IceWolf) used to fly with the outfit.   

This stuff is almost ten years old.   Hell I could SEE back then.  


Me:  "Well.." [panting, actually, the whole group is sucking wind] "Still three of us left and we got all the way to the Lighthouse this time... "

Buddy 1: "Yah,  but... I uh...    I think I brought the wrong key.."

Buddy 2 "WTF!-"  [incomprehensible sounds from several mics]

Buddy 1 "Yah, but Ajax has a Key too-"

AJAX:  "I'm dead---"

[Group Facepalm]


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13 hours ago, Dimwit said:

Hell I could SEE back then.  

You sure about that?  I feel like we missed obvious stuff all the time back then.

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Join us on Discord!

Returning member?  Ping me in Discord and I'll reassign your member tags.  Looking to join? Join Discord, makes some friends and get someone to vouch for you, it's that simple

Streaming ADK shenanigans and more on my Twitch

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Yeah I could see, but same dead-cat hand-eye coordination and reflex time... 🙂 Never was a flyer.  Seargent Slogger.  All the way... 



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Me:  "Well.." [panting, actually, the whole group is sucking wind] "Still three of us left and we got all the way to the Lighthouse this time... "

Buddy 1: "Yah,  but... I uh...    I think I brought the wrong key.."

Buddy 2 "WTF!-"  [incomprehensible sounds from several mics]

Buddy 1 "Yah, but Ajax has a Key too-"

AJAX:  "I'm dead---"

[Group Facepalm]


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