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Windows 8.1 and Ubutunu 13.4 Dualboot uninstall issue

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Okay I have both Windows 8.1 media Cernter Pro edition and I lost my install CD I still have my License key card but clue where i did with the DVD.


I have the Recovery USD stick that came with the PC but it has Windows 7 pro on it.


What i want to do is remove the linux partition of this and just run straight Windows on this machine as I have another machine i want to reinstall my linux box on.


I know how to do it with the windows 7 but I cannot find any tutorial on how to remove it and remove grub without currupting the windows side.


Anyone able to give me advice or a guide?


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You hit which ever button on boot up to get to the recovery screen. Perform a boot recovery and it will install the windows boot again.

By the way you can download w8 to an ISO from MS and use your install screen. Google around and you'll find it.

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