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10,000 Member PC Giveaway!

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It's been a long time coming, but the =ADK= Multi Gaming Community has reached another milestone in it's history! We've reached 10,000 members in our community and have reached over 2 MILLION gamers world wide. With that we continue to grow day after day because of all of you, which we can't thank enough! We said something big would be coming for 10,000 Members and here it is!



As you can tell from the image above, we're not giving you something that you could pick up at Wal-Mart for $300.  We want to make sure that it's a rig that you can enjoy all of your games on while being able to upgrade it in the future if need be.  But we think you'll be set for some time with this.  
This will be our biggest Giveaway to date and with the help from all of you we can make it even bigger.  Our first ever Giveaway with a graphics card ended up having 2 graphics cards and 2 BenQ Monitors by the end of the Giveaway. 
Date: 8/28/2014 - 9/21/2014
Price: $40 Per Entry/Unlimited Entries
Entries for Giveaway:  There must be at least 40 Entries for the Giveaway to take place.  If 40 entries isn't met the Giveaway won't happen and all money will be returned. 
Additional Details: 
Purchase 5 or More Tickets:  Free Shirt + Donor Perks in Any Game
Purchase 7 or More Tickets:  Free Shirt + Mouse Pad + Donor Perks In Any Game
Computer Specs:
Case: Phantom 410
CPU: i7 4790K 4.0GHS
Cooling: Asetek Liquid
RAM: 16GB 1600 DDR3
MoBO: ASROCK Z97 Extreme 3
PSU:  750W Thermaltake
DHDD: 1TB Hard Drive
Optical: LG 24X DVD
**These specs are the MINIMUM that will be given away with this computer, as prices do change there is a possibility that by the end of entries that certain parts can be upgrade.  We will NOT downgrade any parts from this list and will only update**


As with all of our giveaways, if we pass the required entries for the giveaway to take place we will add on more to the prizes.  We want to give back as much as possible so the more people put in the more we're going to give in return.  We appreciate your support of this community and want to be able to give you an awesome prize! So if you see 40 Entries, be looking to see what the next prize will be that we are looking for!  
Thank you again for your support of the =ADK= Multi Gaming Community! From the amazing admins who run the servers, the members who have stand behind this community, and all of the great people who join us in our game servers and team speak.....the =ADK= Leadership truly appreciates all of you!  Here's to 10,000 more members!

[url=http://www.adkgamers.com/_/adknews/communityupdates/10000-member-pc-giveaway-r611]Click here to view the article[/url]

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The raffle has been extended and the price decreased. 


Everyone who previously entered was automatically given double the amount of entries that they had previously.  



We now need to get to 80 entries, so we're still only half of the way there.  

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We have reached the 80 entries mark!   If we can get up to 95 entries there will be a 24 inch 120hz BenQ Monitor added to the giveaway.  


The past day has been awesome because of all of you, and if it's any sign to come this might end up being a FULL PC Build with Keyboard/Mouse included!

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Is it possible to Extend the raffle a few more days/another week? @[member='AOBLXIX']


I know it's a lot to ask, but i thought it wouldn't matter that much.

It can't hurt.

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No if anything due to the slow down in entries the date is going to be changed to an earlier time. 

Ok. The raffle was originally extended to 10 oct, right?

What would be the deadline now?

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