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A New Champion Rises From The Sand!

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Azir is a mage who summons Shuriman soldiers to control the battlefield and basic attackfor him. The soldier’s piercing basic attacks furnish most of Azir’s damage potential, making him an outlier amongst mages as a right-click-focused champion. Azir’s spells, on the other hand, manipulate his and his soldiers’ positions to keep him safe and establish dangerous no-go zones for his enemies.










Passive: Will of the Emperor

Cooldown reduction increases Azir's attack speed.

Disc of the Sun -Azir raises a Sun Disc on the base of a destroyed turret (enemy inhibitor and nexus turrets are immune to this effect). Azir’s Sun Disc behaves like a turret, except that it deals increased damage and grants Azir gold on minion or champion kills. The Sun Disc lasts for a short while and if Azir is killed or moves too far away, it loses armor.



Q: Conquering Sands

Azir orders all Sand Soldiers to rush at target position. The soldiers damage and slow all enemies they smash through as they rush into the fray. Azir gains attack speed if the soldiers strike an enemy champion.



W: Arise!

Azir summons an untargettable Sand Soldier—a memory of a Shuriman warrior—from the ground. Azir uses his basic attack as a command, ordering soldiers to attack for him, piercing through their target and dealing damage in a line. Sand Soldiers attack even if Azir himself isn’t in basic attack range. The soldiers fade back to sand after a short while or when their emperor leaves them behind.



E: Shifting Sands

Azir feints, rushing to target Sand Soldier. If Azir collides with an enemy champion, he stops, knocking them up and gaining a shield.



R: Emperor's Divide

Azir calls forth a phalanx of shield-wielding soldiers who press forward, knocking back and damaging enemies. When the soldiers finish their charge, they stand as a wall, blocking enemy champion movement and dashes. Allies can pass through the wall and gain a speed boost when they do. These soldiers cannot be ordered to move or attack.





More Info: Surrender @20

[url=http://www.adkgamers.com/_/gaming-news/league-of-legends/a-new-champion-rises-from-the-sand-r612]Click here to view the article[/url]

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I wonder if his soldiers count as monsters like Heimy ? Because Nunu might make a counter lol.

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I wonder if his soldiers count as monsters like Heimy ? Because Nunu might make a counter lol.

No, apparently his soldiers are completely untargetable, kinda like the ghosts from the Twin Shadows.  They only last half as long around enemy towers, but that's the only thing that makes them go away faster.


I wonder how attack move would work on this guy, since his soldiers work on right clicks?

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Seems like a really complex champion to play with way too much potential with the varieties of plays that a summoner can make with the soldiers and the pulling.

I personally think Riot made a champion not so playable by unskilled summoners, restricting them from the fun that others may conceive.

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