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Budskee Here!

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Hello ADK and affiliates!


My name is Jamison Burr(23), Im currently a student at CSUSM studying to be a pharmacist in my third year. I have been playing PC games for my entire life, starting with Age of Empires and Diablo. I found ADK through playing Planetside 2 and have met many great individuals. I enjoy reading, and perfecting my gaming abilities. I spend all other hours with my beautiful girlfriend.


I had 2 years play time on WoW, and was always ontop of my game. Most of my early gaming life was counter-strike and diablo 2, of which I would spent every available hour playing. I have become more of a casual game player since I have started college, but my abilities are still top tier. I just cannot commit the hours that I used to. I am a confident, honest, and loyal individual looking to make some new friends, and perhaps form lasting relationships with other people that like to kick ass as much as I do.


I will be more than happy to answer any questions and hope that I will be able to become a contributing member of ADK soon.


Thank you,


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Well, hello there, Jamison! Welcome to your extended family! I see you have a lot of games that you have played and I bet you play even more, some I have already seen. I can't wait to play with you in-game since I have already spoke with you before. Keep it up, and send in that app so that you can delve even deeper into our close-knit community.

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Thanks for the replies guys! So far I am really enjoying my stay. The guild on archeage is extremely helpful, and some good hearted people in the teamspeak. Everyone likes to joke around and it can get a little sarcastic at times, but when you need help, you get it. I will always be happy to put time in to help people like that. TY for making me feel welcome.

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