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Hey all!!

I was convinced by one of the clannies to join the forum. Long story short, someone was crying about snipers and a admin was actually in the game "comforting" him in a friendly manner which I was quite surprised. I got Battlefield 3 on boxing day been playing on and off till about early January (Got a concussion) ... What else do people want to know? I also play Starcraft 2, Silkroad Online, GTA IV, L4D2, Counterstrike... Just to name a few. Almost all of these are all under the name Z3rgling... I've kept this nickname since playing Starcraft original ... Many years ago

Personal self... Living in Canada, ONtario, (GTA) Greater Toronto Area... Going to school in Windsor, Ontario (About 380 km away)...

Living by myself in Windsor with a roomate and whenever I don't feel like doing my homework, I'm playing BF3...

What else y'all want to know?


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Welcome to the ADK forums!

Isn't it amazing how great of a job our admins have been doing? (Not trying to boast but lets be serious about this)

How many times have you found yourself in a base rape situation...or someone is killing base vehicles...or road killing you with them...or aimbotting...or being extremely unpleasant...I don't know about you but this is all too common on the Battlefield's I play at.

Its nice to enjoy the 60$ I paid for this game every day on ADK servers without much of a problem with the above mentioned. Its just my personal experience from playing different servers since this game was released :)

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