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I need help building my computer!

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I am currently building a computer and I am at an impasse.  I am not rich in anyway so it's making this build really hard to do.  I will need the computer to Play/Record game play, video editing, photo editing, graphics, and probably a bunch of other things.  I am wondering how far down I can go without impeding or distorting the quality with the videos and the graphics I produce.  PLEASE HELP ME!


Here is the list I have made so far.



Feel free to suggest what I can lower so I can actually afford this in a reasonable time. Thank you.

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Everything there looks good imop. You could save $50 getting another asus lga1150 board. 8GB of Ram will do the job unless you are doing some hardcore multimedia work. Drop 2 case fans since your case already has 2 and just throw one on the side panel. Be resourceful and find a cheaper deal on Windows 7. ;)


As long as you run your games from your ssd and record to the 1tb you will be fine. 3770K is a pretty damn good cpu and worth the money.


Hope it helps.

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Video editing and 3d rendering you really need to look at a hexicore CPU. 


Motherboard is a little overkill maybe look for a pro Asus instead of a enthusiast board.


Power Supply is to low, I would never go below 750 watt.


Look into ATI GPU to save some cash and put it towards your CPU.


Intel is the way to go for your needs and will beat AMD hands down, but more CPU's the better for speed and quality and that is from my personal experience. As the CPU and chipset is set for best performance on dual channel try to find two sticks memory set instead of four sticks. With editing more memory the better.

Windows 7? whether you like 8.1 or not, you will get better performance from 8.1. If you don't like it, while get use to it times change and so do the OS's. Since 8.1 I boot into desktop and only use metro for my icons/shortcuts to keep my desktop clutter free. With a few shortcuts (left click over the fake start button) and you get to what you need even faster then in W7. 


People complain about Windows 8 cause it is different, same as Vista. While everything that gets complained about is already in many Linux Distros and Mac so the only excuse left is change.

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