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Gaming Section Creation - What would you like to see?

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Hey Everyone!  I know we had a bunch of sections on the forums previously, and I'm looking to get all of those back, but would like to prioritize based on interest. 

If there's a game that isn't on the forums that you would like to see, please respond here and let me know and we'll get it created.  Discord might be similar for section creation, but for now we'll focus on the forums mainly. 



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Overwatch 2!

𝟵𝟵𝟵 is the opposite of 666

turning a negative into a positive

whatever hell you're going through flip it upside down and turn it into something positive

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This is probably a hard sell and it is possibly not a good match for many in this sort of community, but - well you asked!   


I am a serious Escape from Tarkov addict, and always looking for others who may be also.  It isn't cheap, easy, or something you can play as a group in large numbers (max group size is 5, but of course you can run multiple groups).   PC only, and you _cannot_ play it on 'potato'. 


Playing it has also been likened (reasonably) to being kicked in the balls, so--- if you like that level of challenge and tension, in a highly pressurized FPS and Survival game, EFT is only for very serious FPS and weapons enthusiasts. DM me or speak w me on Discord.  I am on nightly in a private EFT server most days.  ~Dim


Me:  "Well.." [panting, actually, the whole group is sucking wind] "Still three of us left and we got all the way to the Lighthouse this time... "

Buddy 1: "Yah,  but... I uh...    I think I brought the wrong key.."

Buddy 2 "WTF!-"  [incomprehensible sounds from several mics]

Buddy 1 "Yah, but Ajax has a Key too-"

AJAX:  "I'm dead---"

[Group Facepalm]


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