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Mr. Struts

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Strutterman

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*yawns* G'afternoon, guys. My name's Stephen, and I usually brand myself as Mr. Struts throughout the internet. "Why did you call yourself Mr. Struts?", you may ask. Well, you can ask these guys: Spike and Barley

I found ADK whilst searching for various platoons on the Battlelog forum; I was looking for a clan that had a bit of activity in Battlefield 3, as I've shown no interest in Battlefield 4 - you can guess why. Along with my preference for an active platoon, I was also looking for one that was friendly and welcoming to new recruits, and that its members are willing to help recruits become better at playing. I haven't been in any clans that have been actively involved with Battlefield, so this is a new thing for me.

Now for a bit more info about me:

  1. I'm 17, and going into my second year of sixth form (doing A2 IT, Media Studies, and Level 3 BTEC Photography). I'm planning on going onto further education and study for a Digital Animation degree.
  2. I'm British.
  3. Got Asperger syndrome and a few other things, so I'm very limited in terms of being social.

Dunno what else to say about myself. Ah well, hope to meet you all in the battlefield.



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