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A Wild Zanzabeak Appears!!

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Hello everyone of ADK. Looking forward to meeting you all in the near future, I'm Zanzabeak. 



About Me: I love video games, they have been a passion of mine as long as i can remember. Other than video games I'm a huge anime, movie, comic, and manga fan, so one giant nerd. Other than my indoor activities, i also have a sweet love for cars and do to enjoy to go fast. Music is keeps me a flowing as well, i jam to just about everything from Rap-techno-trance-scream(core genre)-JTD. Plus a lot more, I'm a open book and nothing offends me at all so feel free to get a little crazy with me from time to time.

Stats: Student-College, Age-19. Pets-1dog 1cat,  Location-States, State-CO (if i need to add more to stats just ask me lol)


Games: I play to many games to keep track of. I have a Xbone and PC so i will basically play anything that catches my eye. short list.

LoL, WoW, CoD, GoW, PlanetSide 2(starting tomorrow), and much much more.


Fun Facts: So for each reply i get i will add one fact to this list, i will start with three.

#1- The only breed of doge i will ever have are huskies

#2- Instead of a heart i have a pit of never ending sarcasm(Don"t worry i can control it ;P)

#3-All of my animals have been named after pokemon, or video game characters



Alright, that's my small intro feel free to ask me questions on here or in Team Speak tomorrow until then



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Thanks for the warm welcomes hope to see everyone in TS soon.



Fun Facts:

#4-I have a wireless headset and often forget that it's on, i may drag TS to places unknown :mellow:  

#5-i started using dual monitors, i cant go back

#6-I have a love or cocktails

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