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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

When I went to watch this I was actually surprised with how much I enjoyed it. 
I'm a huge fan of even the classic POTA, and I even enjoyed Dawn.
But for some reason, the trailer for Rise, just had me doubting it. 
But the acting was great. not real 'Known' actors per say, but definitely talented.

I had the choice of either seeing this in REAL-3D, or Atmos.
I chose Atmos, and I do NOT regret it. The sounds of the scenes in the forest were simply beautiful.

This is my short review for the movie. 
I rate it a 9/10.

Feel free to get this convo going!
Do you agree or disagree with me?
Let me know your opinions!

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I saw that movie on brothers birthday at the movie theater. I have Dawn and im a big fan of it, when i saw rise i thought it was a very good continuing of the story from dawn. I agree with Alec's post that is pretty much what i thought

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